Week of December 1, 2011

The best advice I ever received was to keep dancing on my own instead of trying to drag unwilling participants to the party. Not only is it totally wise but it's also way more fun for me, to worry less about proselytyzing and more about keeping the coolness of the beat. Eventually, my counselor went on to say, they will join you on their own, not because you are asking them to but because they feel genuinely moved to do so...

Aries of the Week: Vermont legalizes gay Marriage

Why can't you just look the other way, bulls??...Because, well, it just AINT in your nature. So you might as well not fight your strongest urge, as your overly conscious self is now begging to maintain its position. Let that happen and don't think about the consequences. Stay present, and poignantly engaged.

Taurus of the Week: Martin DelRio

Love whoever you want, twins, and by the same token, refuse thyself if you don't feel like it. Be real. Be true. Be you. Chances are such sincerity will free up your mind, leaving extra room for your most original, brilliant thoughts to breathe out and grow on.

Gemini of the Week: John Roebling

The week before my period is always a roller coaster ride. My moods swing, my energy fluctuates, and my tastes grow annoyingly specific. It's always better if I don't fight it, as well there is usually a huge reward at the end of the struggle, some sort of mental or physical revelation which makes it worth the crazy journey. As your own path gets a little wilder, crabs, remember that there is much to gain from venturing so deeply within and so widely without.

Cancer of the Week: Camille Pissaro

Doug Boyd is a journalist from the seventies who wrote a book about the life of Rolling Thunder, a highly influential Cherokee medicine man and politican of that time. Of his style, he observes -"I have never seen in him the slightest hint of anguish or despair and he is never given to depression, he becomes obviously tired when it seems appropriate and he might show anger when it is of some use." He also refers often to the chief's constant sense of humor. Model your leadership after one of the greats, lions. Be not hopeless but honest, and forthright, brazen, enduring, playful and creative (all at once.)

Leo of the Week: John Landis

I recently received news that one of my favorite Virgo clients is exploring an opportunity to move to Minnesota. Though the decision was already looking pretty good from a clairvoyant prespective, I discovered a certain fact a week later that added deeper support to the idea-that this unassuming state has more shoreline than Georgia, Florida and Hawaii combined! Trust your gut Virg, and do notice the evidence that is merrily backing it up...

Virgo of the Week: Battle of Marathon

Destiny lies somewhere in the middle, scales. So work on the details of the compromise. Decide what you specifically will as well as won't do. I predict that the process of figuring that out will be simpler than what you might think. Truth is, you've been mulling it over in your brain for months now. Now it's just a matter of enforcing newfound principles.

Libra of the Week: Texas Revolution

As skilled as you may be at forecasting outcomes, the universe will stump and astound even the likes of you this week, scorp. Embrace the unexpectedness. I didn't say it wasn't pleasant or exciting, just beyond your capacity to predict or immediately understand. That's to renew your sense of adventure, make more flexible your firm heart and mind, thus relieving your senses and infusing them with bliss.

Scorpio of the Week: Santa Fe Trail

The feast of Hecate, triple faced Greek goddess of the crossroads, falls on November 30, smack in the middle of your birthday season. I suggest you do a ritual of sorts to commemorate your own transformation. Look at where you are coming from, where you are now, and where you are headed all at once. Observe how the roads intersect and enable the existence of each other.

Sagittarius of the Week: Illinois

In Roald Dahl's "Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar", a wealthy man learns to see through cards by way of yoga and meditation. Though his initial plan is to use his powers to acquire more riches for himself at every casino in the world, he has a sudden change of heart and uses his new found talents to make money to set up orphanges. You too, will figure out a way to serve the greater community with your secretest skills and techniques, goats. What once began as an attempt to better your own life will evolve into a philanthropic quest.

Capricorn of the Week: John Scofield

Protect your plans while at the same time seek to enhance the vision with sound and color. Enlist the support that will feed your precise ideas, make more firm the foundation of your dreams. Consider the candidates that might fuel your grandest desires with their own briiliance, confidence, resolve, resources and attitude.

Aquarius of the Week: "Peanuts" comic strip

I was sort of hinting at it last week, fish, kind of beating around the bush to say-GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR WILD SIDE. Jump on out of the box you've been either hiding in or using for shelter. Play out in the open where all can see and get to know the real you, uninhibited, flowing and freeeeee to simply BE.

Pisces of the Week: Lance Burton