Week of November 22, 2011

In "Wounded Knee", Dee Brown reports, "In the old days the Sioux would have fought to keep all these white men out of their territory but now they had no weapons. They could not feed or clothe themselves." In other words, rams, it wasn't a fair fight. May you, in the thanksgiving days to come, recognize true heroism- offering your study and admiration to those brave enough to endure injustice- poetically, philosophically, and practically doing their best to levitate beyond the trappings of greed, cruelty, and capitalism.

Aries of the Week: Albert Hammond Jr

In Jesus Doesn't Want me for a Sunbeam, Nirvana (my fav band), states: "Don't expect me to die. Don't expect me to cry. Don't expect me to lie." Bulls, may you take such grungy/glorious words to heart this week, trading in mythological martyrdom for a more accurate and modern representation of your current point of view, which is less willing to needlessly sacrifice, take emotional responsibility for others, and/or protect their self defeating deceptions, thereby freeing up the expanse of your ****imagination***** which is the only way you are ever going to "save" you and everyone else anyways...

Taurus of the Week: George Lucas

You''ve collected all the facts, twins, Keep doing that while at the same time making wishes while at the same time strategizing and designing, while at the same time putting your foot down about it, so that your ideas, concepts, and wisdoms are one step closer this week to taking actual physical, earthly, voloptuous, nourishing FORM.

Gemini of the Week: US Flag

Turn off the TV, unplug the phone, sign off of Facebook, don't return your emails, pretend you are on an outer space journey, your only objective to capture and conspire with the new worlds that surround you. With less of a so called connection to time and matter, you will deepen and cystallize your connection to it. With less routine, you will re-ignite a spark within you, re-inspiring yourself towards the idea of living in general.

Cancer of the Week: Taboo

My Leo neighbor recently confessed a crush she had on a fellow feline, whose birthday falls just one day before her own. She's got the right idea, lions. You should also attempt to replenish your light, rekindle your mojo and match your brilliance by seekng peers and partners just as glorious, gorgeous, and go get em as yourself. It makes perfect sense.

Leo of the Week: James Hetfield

Everyone's talking about Mars being in your sign, Virg. They're having a total cow about having to slow down, re-organize, meticulously re-vamp, and tediously re-classify. They're just in a tizzy about having to THINK before they act, consider their personal systems of behavior at length and instead of acting at random, aligning whatever moves they make with their actual intentions, aims, goals. But that doesn;t bother you one little bit, now does it? That's the pace at which you not only live, but continuously thrive.

Virgo of the Week: Toronto Blue Jays set a record for hitting the most home runs in one game'

What would you say if I told you that it wasn't necessary to take on the philosophical quandry of other people's issues? Starting this week, that's just what I'd have you do. Chances are that's music to your hungry ears, scales. You need a significant break from playing the role of psychiatrist, muse, personal trainer, etc. Instead dive into your own poetic landscape, which also awaits your attention, but deserves it MORE.

Libra of the Week: Belgium

As long as your "generosity" is genuine, free flowing, and natural as opposed to obligatory, forced, or a means to provide charity, everything will work out for you, scorp. There is a major difference in what results you will gather, on the inside as well as out, depending on which of those paths you choose to take. If what you offer is more spontaneous it's also likely to have more magical effects. Whereas if certain gifts are given based on fear, need, or worry, they will probably backfire.

Scorpio of the Week: London Gazette

Celtic legend reports that all lizards had a third eye. As we enter the season of you, it'd be wise to review your own personal mythology. What are your special powers, abilities, divine properties,,,Examine them, recall their origin and at last decide what you will do with all the exotic blessings you are sooooo fortunate to embody. Now's an ideal time of year for you to contemplate such things.

Sagittarius of the Week: Pokemon

Your plans are expanding, and that's only natrual given all the work you've steadily been doing. . While you watch the horizon you've been cultivating unfold, keep in mind that so many new dynamics will now come into play. The path you took to get here enabled you to arrive at this moment, but the road that lies ahead bears no resemblance to it. So look with fresh eyes, goats. Expect nothing and that way you can SEE everything.

Capricorn of the Week: Penleope Ann Miller

You're ready, water bearers and so is the uni-verse. The boldness and good luck of the season shall specfically aid and abet the taking of your own personal risks. I'll tell you this: if it means you putting your heart on the line, do it! Place a bet on what you intuitively know. And I'll tell you one more thing: YOU ONLY STAND TO GAIN.

Aquarius of the Week: Nelson Mandela is released from Prison

The US population of Coyotes is at an all time high. Apparently they are extremely adaptive. As well both parents actively feed and protect their pups and territory. So follow their lead, fishes. Be flexible as you go, but fierce too. Cooperate with your partners. Guard your goods and cultivate your fertile fields. Howl at the moon, for your own enjoyment and/or to assert yourself.

Pisces of the Week: John Updike