Week of November 14, 2011

Joseph Medicine Crow grew up in the midst of white colonialism,just at the time when Christianity began toimpose itself upon tribal tradition. He describes the tricky and confusingtask ofhaving topracticetwo opposing sets of religious beliefs. Unlike this young chief, rams, you have a chance to choose what you will honor, abide by, and commit to, despite the rules and regulations.

Aries of the Week: THE MUSTANG FORD

You are an expert at taking care of the earth, bulls. When it comes to gardening there is no one more professional, and genuinely talented than yourself. BUT sometimes plants require the proper pruning in order to grow. So yaa- make the incisions that are necessary. The swifter the cut the sooner the bounty.

Taurus of the Week: Tony Hawk

If you look closely enough, you'll notice that the cosmos is a magic mirror, reflecting truths and revealing tricks.Observe theparallel universe, twins. The more you examine the patterns and particularities, the less prone you will be to falling into what I refer to as an illusionary black hole, promising depth but truly just a dead end. Whereas on the other hand, you will be more likely to wander into the authentic void, infinite with possibilties, containing endless levels of existence.

Gemini of the Week: Monterey pop festival

It's common knowledge that when North America was invaded by caucasians, creating war and difficulties which made it increasingly difficult for native peoples to survive, they ceased most combat between themselves and banded together for the purpose of simple survival. Similarly, for you crabs, you can't afford to draw any lines that don't need to be there and/or overlook potentiallyvaluable systems of support. The less enemies the better. Ally yourself instead in a way that assists your agenda, promotes your vitality, and protects your resources,

Cancer of the Week: Willie Dixon

According to Stephen Hawking, renowned physicist and Nobel Peace prize winner, a good scientist is one who "uses his eyes and continues to do so." I urge you to make this your own personalgoal in the week to come lions. Look and look again, probing into the mystery at hand by first deeply gazing into it. You'll probably notice there is an overwhelming array of sights to see, with various dimensions and dynamics.Be fascinated by thevariety and density of insight, which fuelsyour appteite for experience while also providingthe knowledge you needtosecure your adventure.

Leo of the Week: Gordon Zahn

To retrieve your energy, you'll have to dig deep on the inside as well as gather strength from the outside. You'll have to hold on tighter in some cases and let go more completely in other ways. I leave it to your meticulousmind to sort out the details VIRG. Not to add any un-needed pressure to the situation, but I cannot stress to you enoughjust how essential it is to get it straight. NOTE: you'll see things much more clearly once you are perfectly honest about your feelings as well as the situation(s).

Virgo of the Week: Ferdinand Porsche

In Kathryn Stockett's novel, "The Help", a white journalist secretly interviews the black maids and nannies of Mississippi, risking her/their safety and reputation for the sake of truth and education. I urge you to follow her lead, scales. Make justice, the pursuit of your own instinct and the desire for greater discovery your motive/ mantra/ motto. Know that whatever you "lose" in the process you probably/absolutely never needed in the first place.

Libra of the Week: Robert Hutchings Goddard

You have some decisions to make, scorp. Most people wouldn't envy your position. But your savyysign was particularly born and bred to wield that type of power. I've been having certain visions of your potent-ness lately, including a scorpio tale which swoops down and sweeps outall the clutterblocking its path, a burning heart that bursts into flames and frees its own self, a graceful wingedether BIRDinter-twined with its soul mate in a peacful pose of embrace.

Scorpio of the Week: Ann Renking

Indian summer is a beautiful thing, especially when the leaves on the tree are red, bronze, and lavender. Similarly your own passage into transformation will be just asgolden and great, the romance before the inevitable fall into an equally gorgeous and grounding winter freeze. Enjoy the rainbow of flavor and experience while it lasts, archer. Savor and ponderthe moments of mysticalness this week, which will be more frequent than average.

Sagittarius of the Week: Mateo Romeo

I'll leave it to you to judge when/how your obstinance is helpful and when it's hindering you, goats. To experience a more complete enlightenment though, bathe in the sunlight. According to the Mayans, this is the way we receive the information of the universe, by taking inthoseblinding rays. Position yourself accordingly, then- full frontal, forward facing all the brilliance and the heat.

Capricorn of the Week: Guy Gardner

Reach out and touch somebody's hand, water bearer. Make direct contact this week, grounding thyself in abnormally long embraces, extra juicy kisses and extended hand holding. Not only could you use the romance, but such physicality is the medicine you need to make sense of the world right now. After bigger doses of hugs and handshakes, you'll remember whatever you think you forgot, and recall just what you NEED.

Aquarius of the Week: Pete Willis

If I've told you once I've told you a bazillion times, pay no attention to the opinions of others. Not only will happiness thus instantaneously occur, but you'll also be more effective, less troubled, bewildered, or discouraged and more certain, clear and confident of who you are, what you are doing, and "why".

Pisces of the Week: Nina Hagen