Week of November 7, 2011

Hold your (mars inspired) horses, rams. Pause long enough to at least hear them better, so that the momentum may serve in the interest of actual evolution. Take the time to re-position yourself in a manner wise enough to facilitate uninterrupted future travel, permitting you to go whole distances without having to stop or go back.

Aries of the Week: Washington Irving

The chances of unpredicatability are unusually high this week, bulls. So not only would I suggest that you not count on any one outcome, but also prepare yourself to ride the spinning wheel of fate as it turns and turns. Such wildness is merely meant to usher you onward, in its own manic-magic manner.

Taurus of the Week: Cheryl Burke

You are one of the most perceptive, keen-sighted, eagle eyed individuals among us, twins. Live up to your rowdy reputation this week. Aim your insights with precision. Turn your razor sharp gaze directly towards the target. Confront/ re-connect to self, others, and the cosmos.

Gemini of the Week: Jimmy Chamberlain

The more of a "front" you put up, the greater the likelihood that it will be challenged, crabs. That's mostly because we are sitting pretty in the season of the sleuth-like, snake shaped, sister- of- yours, scorpio. So the pressure to step into the intensity will be extra thick. Drop the veneer (shell), cancer, releasing the last of any defense systems which stand between you and what feeds your spirit.

Cancer of the Week: Pierre Cardin

As an old Sara Vaughn song croons...."Don't save your kisses, just pass them around." I offer you the same advice, cats, this week especially. Let the light of compassion that is beating from within burst on out of you, and watch it spread all across your globe, an appropriate amount of space for all you've got to give.

Leo of the Week: Declaration OF independence

Take frequent breaks, virg. Working with as much concentration, creativity, and committment as you always do, its necessary to balance heavy thinking with hedonistic behavior bouts. I recommend naked carousing through the kitchen, extra long and hot bubble bathing, chocolate kisses and temple massages.

Virgo of the Week: dissolution of soviet union as centralist state

What's your favorite animal sound, scales? Practice it often and loudly this week, as a method of getting back in touch with your instinct, listening to its hoots and howls, and letting them speak openly to you, thereby reinstating your trust in those natural yearnings as the proper "guide" .

Libra of the Week: John Krasinski

Your bDay month is full of boom and bloom, scorp, so don't let the marvelous moments pass you by. Show up and join in. YOU and all things having to do with you are the main event. So try not to over-sleep or hide out in your cave for too long. BE there.

Scorpio of the Week: first US library

To get your priorities straight, I recommend a simple exercise, archers. Begin by listing whats the MOST important thing to do right now. Think until you've reduced the item to a singular cause, with no ties or runners up. It's time to severely narrow your focus.

Sagittarius of the Week: first Scottish Suffragette society

Warning: There's a news transmission coming through your personal airwaves, goats. So perk up your ears and listen close. Reduce the static, inner and outer, so that you don't miss a word of this particularly precious and vital message.

Capricorn of the Week: Portlandia

Water bearers, this week you will re-learn that you are loved, regardless of what you do/don't accomplish. To comprehend that truth would be akin to swallowing a magic pill. I'm only here to reassure you that the effects are positive and healthy. So take a big gulp, fully digesting the potency of acceptance for its own righteous sake.

Aquarius of the Week: massachusetts forms Anti slavery society

You're a model of excellence in matters of the heart, fish. So stand tall and extra proud this week. Even if no other citizens recognize your achievements and constant success, give your own self credit. Celebrate what committment you've maintained to the spiritual cause, and what extra-ordinary, otherworldly-ness it continues to provide...

Pisces of the Week: Gertrude Bonin