Week of October 29, 2011

Take all the time you need to learn the ropes you soon will walk, rams. Ask questions, examine at length, practice practice practice, and conduct the experiments necessary to enhance your understanding. The more you know, the solider the ground you stand on, which makes the especially twisty-turny path ahead way more navigable.

Aries of the Week: Nadar

Most of what I learned about partnership can be traced back to my earliest playmates, sister (Bridget) and brother( John). Forced to spend the greater half of life for most days in close quarters, we gained from one another a knowledge of how to co-exist. To this day, those exchanges are a blueprint for my inter-relations: clear and powerful examples which forever remind me of how to support, learn from, and grow alongside others.

Taurus of the Week: David Beckham

I recommend unbridled honesty at this time, twins. Be crystal clear in your words, communicating without obscurities. Come out from behind whatever place you've most recently been hiding. The season of scorpio is ripe for your revelation of self, so lean into the sensation. Unbeholden to nothing but your innermost feeling, be released, redeemed, and revived.

Gemini of the Week: Ann Wilson

The difference between satisfaction and utter bliss is not slight, crabs. There's a huge gap between the two. This week at least try and understand that, dear friend. The sooner you comprehend the distinction, the more certainly you can move towards the ultimater goal of (yes, everlasting) happiness.

Cancer of the Week: Matthew Fox

Now's the time to raise the stakes, lions. Place your bets on the person, place, thing that matters most. Give your all to that sacred enterprise. Trust the generosity of your spirit that demands to invest its full self. Don't hold back the power, grace, and performance which is now emerging/blasting off.

Leo of the Week: the Beatles play to 60,000 on shea stadium, giving birth to stadium rock

Review the records, virg. Whats the score? How can you even it best? To know the answer, rely on your higher guides, deeper senses, and strongest intutions. Notice that truths can be just as easily pinpointed, at less of an expense, by trusting what is innate. As you listen, that purer voice will grow stronger and more confident in itself.

Virgo of the Week: Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

On the next leg of your continuous ride, set loose the gates to your heart, scales. Make loving yourself and others the top priority. Spread the charm of your affections, letting those sentiments be the foundation for how you daily choose to live. Exhibit respect and demonstrate gratitude, to those sources most worthy.

Libra of the Week: Joe Hill

Get BACK in touch with your imagination, scorp. Dip again into the far out waters of your personal dream-life. The season of you lessens the divide between fantasy and reality, facilitating the existence of and fueling life into your wildest wishes. Don't muffle the heart's desire. Let its force and fantastic-ness knock us down and drag us out into the shining sea.

Scorpio of the Week: the smurfs

I tend to be loyal to certain businesses, archers. If I really enjoy the product, I offer my consistent support. This week is an ideal time for you as well to say it loud and proud. Who/ what do you appreciate most? Tell the world and let your actions fully reflect your belief. Allying yourself like so increases your power tenfold, which is what you been tryin to do, right?

Sagittarius of the Week: Nick Seymour

Flaunt your style, goats. Let your flavor rip. The fates urge and welcome the unleashing of your inner roar. Surprise the crowds with what brazen has long been brewing within you. Shout your self from the mountain-top you most recently reached the top of. Speak out and over us, your words and ways traveling as far, wide, and mighty as the winds that carry them.

Capricorn of the Week: Nina Ricci

It's open swim, water bearer. Explore the outer reaches of your emotional landscape. Embrace vulnerability. Let the tides pull you to the farthest shores, so that you may re-learn your strengths. Sailing towards the island of bliss and bounty soothes your worried mind, re-assuring you that you are enlightened enough in its ways to take part in its pleasures.

Aquarius of the Week: Don Everly

Concentrating will be easier than ever this week, fish. The season of scorpion gladly assists you in attaining greater focus. HINT: Turning most of your attention away from the daily drama will provide the breathing room, i.e. clarity necessary to see your ideas through to the e.n.d. Feed your notions with the time and energy they deserve/ require to fully ripen.

Pisces of the Week: Compact Disc