Week of October 20, 2011

May your life be a constant stream of the events you wish to occur, rams. Let no "opportunity" pass you by. As we move into Scorpio, whom you share co-rulership of action oriented MARS with, take the cue of your zodiac partner in crime and deepen the approach. Dig your heels in and root yourself more firmly on the road as you go, thereby stretching out the meaning of each marvelous/ miraculous moment.

Aries of the Week: oldest known recording of audible human voice

Yesterday I stood at the edge of the East River pier with a friend and inhaled the steady stream of wind that was blowing directly and consistently in from the south. That's just the type of breeze you need and is now available to bring sail to your ship, bulls. Let the air lead the way, lifting you by the force of it, providing extra motion with its breath, exorcising the debris with its strong gale.

Taurus of the Week: the first horse drawn bus in Mumbai

Come not empty handed twins. If you wish to enter the temple of mirth, myth, and magic, bring a simple offering. Make a show of your thanks, worship the ground you are walking on, and feed it with your wild and wonderous humming. Sing to the earth, Gemini, straight from your fastly beating heart.

Gemini of the Week: Anoushka Shankar

You can't go back crabs. But the tides which move forwardly welcome you. Cruise onward, looking not behind ya. Trust the notion of cutting the past ties that bind you. Lean into the freedom that takes its place. Frolic happily in a sea of dripping dreams.

Cancer of the Week: Andy Warhol's Soup can Exhibition

Let there be extra room in your heart this week, cats. Then it's easy to be taken by sweet surprise. Your wishes have been heard and understood. Now give the universe a chance to grant your requests by leaving enough space. Imagine that the door to you is now open, you have no idea WHO or WHAT exactly will come through, but you've total faith that you're gonna be happy they did.

Leo of the Week: Anna Kendrick

Before you move on to the next line of business, pause to enjoy the deal you most recently sealed. Resucitate thy spirit in the waters of relaxation. Rescue your soul with a heavy dose of human, animal contact. Nap for a few more hours than average. Hang looser than usual, letting the mind slip into un-conscious consciousness.

Virgo of the Week: California

Though the season of you comes to an offical close this week, I predict that the wrap up/finale will be even more spectacular. Adding scorpion electricity to your spiritual quest will blast you into the heights you've been idealizing. Inhale the fuel, and let it fill every corner of your being with its fiery motivation, which is just love in action, currently unstoppable in its tracks.

Libra of the Week: Supernova 64

All eyes are soon ,if not already upon you Scorp, seeking your knowledge, specifically looking to your example of how to love so forthrightly, how to communicate so sincerely yet retain perfect style, how to be as blatant as you are mindful of another. You're a natural, with those answers seemingly encoded into your blood, so don't sweat it. Spread your personal wealth of knowledge and energy.

Scorpio of the Week: Natasha Khan

Ski-ing, apparently, is all about turns, and one's agility in handling those as they come up. You'll wanna remember that this week, archers. The target is moving, and requires a flexibitlity of mind and heart to determine it. That's because it's also your guide, challenging you to expand your awareness and action enough to reach that which only just "appears to be" beyond you.

Sagittarius of the Week: John Milton

Let you be loved goats. Thats the straight up answer to the riddle of the week. I thought you deserved a tip off like this, working as hard as you typically do. To be so openly and unconditionally admired, appreicated, understood, and adored, is probably weird, I know. But that excuse isn't good enough anymore. Get over it and climb aboard.

Capricorn of the Week: Surveryor 7 makes a soft landing on the moon

QUICK! Take the next spaceship to an exotic land as soon as it arrives at your door. Don't wait, or let anyone else hold your ticket. That's your seat, the one by the 3-D window, where you can clearly observe the richness of phenomena. Whoa, this is far out to the maximum. Thats the type of rare sight and sound-age you've been craving for a looooong while.

Aquarius of the Week: Jacques Monod

There are so many different ways to capture the voluptuous vibe that is coursing through your lifescape right now, fish. You can reflect that in what colors you don, how you interact with the world, the ways you demonstrate your affections, and how you choose to present your most creative thoughts and enterprises. Infuse all those efforts with the pleasure that's now yours.

Pisces of the Week: Verdi's Nabucco