Week of October 12, 2011

Consider most, if not all trials a test of pure faith, aries. It's probably just so that the universe can remind you of how innately well you are able to keep this candle burning, with a natural and enduring grace. In honor of a full moon in your sign, be extra romantic, exaggeratedly valiant, entirely enthusiastic, and fiery hot to the touch.

Aries of the Week: the Internet

It's national ger-rid-o-yo-baggage week, bulls. To honor the yearly autumn downsize, shed yourself of what items, ideas, contracts, treaties, and traditions which you no longer use, need, want, or can stand. -Some of those can go straight to the trash. Other more valuable pieces might be suited better for someone else- hand me down style.

Taurus of the Week: Washington, D.C.

You are soon to start weaving a new masterpiece, twins. But before that can/will happen, collect your research, resources, and routes. Gather the rest of the information, make the necessary connections(both earthly and divine), and scour the streets for what's the smoothest and yet securest route for further travel.

Gemini of the Week: women of Greece gain the right to vote

Usually when there's a full moon, I can be found howling with the trees, frolicking rapturously on my keyboard, prancing and pirouetting through my kitchen window, swimming through the countryside, and laughing loudly in the streets. Know exactly what I mean, right crabs? You and me are kindred sea spirits, rolling with the rise and fall of the wild tides.

Cancer of the Week: the first special Olympics

If you should catch your usual fire this week, lions, commence to dancing. Join the angels and demons in a two step, four square, hip drop, boogie, head bang, twist, disco dip. Be not shy with your moves, cats. Let the fever of flying over- take you, at long last.

Leo of the Week: Giovanni Agnelli

Sometimes even the strongest and yummiest medicine does not necessarily go down without a hitch. However, this is one of those times, virg, where even your most nutritional pills will be swallowed with ease. You're super snappy right now, posessing an unusual spark and elegance, a willfull but bright disposition that is both heartfelt and potent. The powers are with you. Point your magic wand as/when you see fit, wise wizard.

Virgo of the Week: 55 Pandora Asteroid

There are many version of love, libra. Of all the signs, you know those multi- dimensions best. That's cuz you're able to grasp the context of situations, cognizant of both the luxury and the necessity of partnerhship, understanding copulation to be as cuddly as it is cool, luscious as it is loud, clean cut as it is libidinous. It just depends, scales. Whatever dissolution of duality is needed to strike the art of constant balance and thereby cause a transcendent one-ness.

Libra of the Week: the first disco-tecchque

Before things really get cooking in the fastly approaching season of your magical birth, drop to the floor, scorp. Gather the earth's nourishment. Be on your knees, fastening your body and spirit to the dirt. Let the dust cover you with its nature. Be immersed in its (k)nightly-ness, letting it rescue your senses. Lay on the firm and patient ground, so as to glue the pieces of you back together.

Scorpio of the Week: Nelly

Give back to the source which has/is feeding you, sag. It's a good thing to practice in the season of karma. So that your wheels keep a properly turning, make the effort to acknowledge what feeds you. That gratitude and awareness will provide what extra fuel you are seeking at the moment. Honor- philosophically, at least- that which provides and always lets you live as large as you want to.

Sagittarius of the Week: Joan Didion

Sometimes the top leader must retreat from the crowds in order to hear better. Objectivity is required for full clarity right now goats. To determine what is best for the group, remove yourself from the immediate drama. Collect the facts and get a total view of the scene. That way you can have a sharper idea of what's the best direction to go towards.

Capricorn of the Week: Anne Rivers Sidons

Look life directly in the eyes, water bearers. You are ready for the adventure that follows. Let your senses hang all the way out. As you do so, barriers dissipate. The gates before you can part as you listen. With eyes, ears, heart, stare into the sun and moons. Explode together in a beautiful blast-off to a world beyond.

Aquarius of the Week: Dave Lombardo

Retain the lightness in your step as you gather focus, fish. Bright times can still be guaranteed even as you attempt to organize. You fish are always especially able to keep the grander poetry in mind and heart. Let your creative vision remain as guide while you seek to furnish your sense of play with a secure-er ground to walk on.

Pisces of the Week: Sandra Milo