Week of October 4, 2011

Get involved in your community, rams. They are in need of your bright sentiment, fearless demeanor, cheerful side step and open heart. Share your vision with the crowds ASAP and if ever you should wonder how to have an effect in the areas where it is more difficult to shine your light, trust the ancient Chinese saying which claims that "The right man sitting in his house and thinking the right thought will be heard even a thousand miles away."

Aries of the Week: Yankee Stadium

Awareness is breaking on through to the surface, bulls. As the inner light within you (which is more like a blazing fire) emerges, let it be as rampant, luscious, and loud as its trying to be. With less regulation, it can more fully express its newly awesome self, brimming with knowledge, beauty, momentum, and humor.

Taurus of the Week: Katherine Jackson

Skip the trinkets and scraps, twins. Be neither a borrower nor a lender this week. Give the gold that you've got and receive such invaluable-ness in return. This fall the omens suggest a change of luck, that is more easily facilitated by your own generosity of spirit, time, energy, love, and personal power.

Gemini of the Week: Bonnie Tyler

Congratulations. Your efforts to move beyond the safety of yesterday are having great success. Keep up the good work and maintain the agile but steady rhythm you are so cleverly conjuring. Continue to tap it out, crabs, humming to the beat as you row row row your boat gently (but concentratedly) to the other stream.

Cancer of the Week: Jason Bonham

Let not anger cloud your vision, cats. You wouldn't want to miss a chance to see the loving lamb in your midst, whose heart's a flutter with affection for you. Drop your fists this week, and let your defenses come down for at least part of the day, in order to grasp the vision of goodness before you, and even better, to gather insight, inspiration, and support from its unconditional friendship.

Leo of the Week: Maya Rudolph

It's A-OK to trade a little bit of focus for some f----u----n this week, virg. It'd be wise, in fact, to leave your workbench and take a meaningless stroll, have a sweet adventure, a poetic picinc etc. To widen your scope of perspective is to better inform you of what horizon you are laboring to arrive at. As you look outward, inner vision automatically sharpens.

Virgo of the Week: Max Reinhardt

Lay your burdens down, LIb. I mean that literally this week. Stop, drop, and roll to the floor. Get low enough that you can feel what weights you've been carrying slip peacefully away from you. Drift then into a deeper slumber, a restful, slinky position where you may reclaim your serenity and regather your groove.

Libra of the Week: Chris Kirkpatrick

As the season of you makes its way towards us, I thought it'd be a good time to remind you of the higher powers of your ruling planet, Pluto. Ruler of transformation, astrologers insist that it is only when we give in entirely to its plans that it may do its best and most effective work. To prepare for this year's re-birthday, practice surrender- bouncing along the tidal wave of ecstasty with neither fear, hesitation, nor doubt.

Scorpio of the Week: Nikolai Fraiture

This week I played my favorite Emmylou Harris song from 1985 on repeat to increase my mojo and stimulate my senses. Find something that similarly inspires you, archers. Let that person, idea, work of art, or piece of nature bring a smile to your face, light up your imagination, keep your heart a properly racing.

Sagittarius of the Week: Mo'Nique

Now's a good week to practice what new game you've been working on, goats. The omens are clear that the theory of what and why have been fully developed by you. Therefore all that's left to do now is proceed. At least once a day then, attempt to ACT on the behalf of what you are trying to accomplish.

Capricorn of the Week: Maxine Andrews

Take advantage of the Indian summer, water bearer. There are still enough days of sunlit warmth left for you to enjoy. It isn't time to hide inside YET. So get out there and carouse. Play in the autumn winds. Dance freely as a bird with them....

Aquarius of the Week: Pete Willis

Trust the process of gestation, fish. It takes **time*** for things to develop, ripen, and sprout. In the meantime, be glad about where you're at now. Take part in the moment at hand, with less or zero attention on what took place before or what has not yet occurred. Such headspace will calm your nerves and provide for a more transcendent state of being.

Pisces of the Week: Astor Piazallo