Week of September 26, 2011

In "How To Tell Fortune with Cards", Wenzell Brown explains, "The true magician is a builder of character. He transmits knowledge from higher sources. His influence does not lie in trickery but in his capacity to understand and interpret the life forces which surround him." Direct your energies more efficiently rams. The difference between amateur conjuring and effective wielding has mainly to do with what research, practice, and patience you put in PREVIOUS to the performance.

Aries of the Week: Valentine Matviyenko

Spend more time than usual bathing your senses in the silence, bulls, listening longer than necessary to the pitter. patter of rain, noticing the subtlest change of it's rhythm, tuned all the way in to the back and forth howling of the wily winds. Watch the trees bend in the breeze, swaying in the midst of time and space, an everyday miracle right there for you to continously observe and marvel at.

Taurus of the Week: Spanish Socialist Workers Party

There's a new bar in my neighborhood that serves totally delicious but completely dangerous cocktails, bearing names like "The Benediction". The effects do not be-lie the label, twins. This week what you see is EXACTLY what you'll also get. Results won't be any different than what you agree to. Bear that closely in mind.

Gemini of the Week: Mickey Finn

Let not past experiences stand in the way of understanding and enjoying THIS one, crabs. If you have to push past the old veil of illusion which keeps you separate from present goodness, use your muscle. Be aggressiver in your attempt to thrive in the pulse of the current trend. The swift season of Libra is an especially good time to move forward, without hesitation.

Cancer of the Week: Arthur Ashe

Reel in the magic, cats. Take back your power, just to consider where next you wish to direct it. Heeding the omens that will best navigate you's gonna require more time than usual hearing, remembering, pondering, taking notice, and examining. Tedious though it may seem, there is a profound distinction when such effort is taken up-one that will please the likes of particularly powerful you.

Leo of the Week: Sarah Brightman

NO REGRETS, virg. When you wake up in the morning, check to make sure you leave that baggage behind for the day. Before you close your eyes at night, to fly free into the dreamworld, abandon the excess weight of remorse. What you did not do today can be done tomorrow or the next day. Congratulate yourself regularly for what you HAVE accomplished instead.

Virgo of the Week: Kimberly Williams

Happy Birthday dear scales. The year ahead is scheduled to be as sweet and serene as it is rioutous and revelatory. Dance along, regardless, and you'll soon discover that you're getting what you need WHEN its needed-no later or earlier than required. Trust the universe that gave you life. Each moment has a unique point to it. Be not blind to that wildness.

Libra of the Week: Monty Python's Flying Circus

There's no riddle, scorp. It's spelled out clearly for you to easily read. Perhaps you aren't used to such straight forward communication. No investigation is necessary, which may shock and disarm a sleuth like you. Absorb the novel healing (+uplifting) influence of UNmysterious-ness. Be particularly impressed by the idea of attaining a sparkle that shines just as great, only without you having to work so hard to unearth it.

Scorpio of the Week: William Herschel

Both stamina and elegance are needed, archers, in no specific order. It'd be best, actually, if you were to coordinate their powers, juggling to and fro to the beat of the situation. While certain moments will call for a steady stance, others are best handled with a playful pirouette. Stay inside your body, so that the signals can be both heard and felt.

Sagittarius of the Week: Terri Garr

Let the swell of pride which comes from acknowledging your accomplishments grow ever larger within you this week, goats. Take a deeper look at what you've already cultivated, letting such evidence swirl around in your heart, mind, and soul, as a reminder of what your own faith and fortitude make possible.

Capricorn of the Week: Crystal Gale

Refrain from gossiping, water bearer. If you got something to say, express it right to the source. Then you will more successfully avoid all booby traps, murky waters, and long drawn out dramas which keep you from engaging in what inspiring times you are more naturally inclined towards.

Aquarius of the Week: Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours"

Don't beg for love, fish. Let it be given freely. In the interest of your personal evolution, seek not the affections of others. As a gesture of what you believe you deserve, EXPECT friendship as a natural part of interaction. Then your future relations are more likely to be fair and just, i.e. healthy.

Pisces of the Week: Elizabeth Barret Browning