Week of September 16, 2011

Go on vacation, rams. Losing your senses temporarily will help you re-cover your full willpowers. Without having to actually exert such tight control over the "reigns", you'll be able to make easier contact with the entire span of your own creativity, coolness n calm.

Aries of the Week: Afrikaa Bambataa

Your newfound sense of permanent zeal isn't going anywhere anytime soon, bulls. But I'm not telling you that so that you forget to take advantage of it's powers. On the contrary, I urge you to leap (because you've already done the work of looking), and to use your extra ordinary charm to establish soilder ground, upon which you can then jump around without interruption. (!)

Taurus of the Week: Stuart Braithwaite

If you really want it, dress the part, book your ticket in advance, trim your beards, and stand taller than average. Make every effort to show that you mean business... are elegant, poised, and level headed enough to know what you are talking about. Twins, my point is, go the extra miles. It couldn't HURT to advertise the integrity of your intentions.

Gemini of the Week: Maxi Priest

Now would be a good time to get your "chi" flowing again, crabs. Such force is necessary to promote happiness and health.... Therefore I suggest morning hip hop workouts, rowdy mid nights out howling at the moon, afternoon mud wrestling, early evening skydiving lessons etc etc.

Cancer of the Week: Camille Pissarro

There are crucial changes taking place in your neighborhood and your world, cats. As the unofficial leader of your tribe, it'd be worth your time and energy to take notice. Not only are you advised to observe the evolution that has already begun, but also begin to imagine the continuation of such emergence, and what political, artistic, and personal role you'd like to play in that.

Leo of the Week: Jon Farriss

In many myths, the rainbow is a promise by the God of a people's that in the future there will be peace and harmony, rest from the storm and refuge from the tumult. Come up with your own version of that this week virg. What represents your recovery after a certain turmoil? Make a model of it and put it in a place that you can constantly see, as a reminder to recuperate.

Virgo of the Week: Jared Diamond

To assist thyself through any period of ordeal, close your eyes and choose a focus. Amidst all of the dancing images and notions in your mind, hone in on one specific theme. Don't move on to the next until you have fully grasped the first. This is the step by step approach, the opposite of what multi-tasking you are used to but the method that will also assist you in attaining deeper/more accurate clarity.

Libra of the Week: the Beach Boys GOOD VIBRATIONS

The fates insist that you don't have to hide your SELF scorp. If your colors are too bright for the crowds to digest, hang out long enough for them to try. Instead of taking wing every time you aren't received with uncondiitional love and acceptance, stick around and give that to yourself. The truth is that you don't even really need the approval of anyone else to be who you are. You never have.

Scorpio of the Week: Tracy Morgan

The easiest way to eliminate some prohibitive or annoying behavior is to starve it, archers. It's only when you give something ZERO attention that it ceases to live. The omens suggest that you are totally certain at this point of what energies to exorcise. Now show the courage, decisiveness, and firmness of character necessary to pay them no mind.

Sagittarius of the Week: Summer Phoenix

Take pleasure in the simple things this week, goats, like the setting sun, the waning moon, the chirping birds, the yipping dogs, etc. That's to remind you of what you know so well, which is that the face of the divine is embedded in the ordinary moments. Re-unite yourself with such purer truth this week, and experience a sweet and peaceful relief.

Capricorn of the Week: Derek Hammond-Stroud

It's like spring in your world, water bearers. Everywhere I look, little green buds are popping out their heads to introduce themselves. Congratulations. You have cultivated a new brand of being, with alternate shapes and tones. Let the celebration of the certainty of a fresh new future commence.

Aquarius of the Week: Bob Dylan's "The Times they are a Changin"

What were your dreams when you were sixteen-ish, fish? If you can't remember, try to. The stars are shining in your favor this week, perched to light your way as you set out on even the most romantic paths. So don't trash those ancient sentiments- re-indulge them. What's your ideal world look and sound and feel like? What do you do everyday? How do you feel? Who's there? Who ISN'T?

Pisces of the Week: Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter arrives at MARS