Week of September 7, 2011

People all over town are already lamenting the coming of fall. Personally, Im looking forward to the change of weather, vibration, sight and sound. Im an adventurer, like yourself, always ready to greet the thrill of the new horizon. This is just to verify your instinct that what lies ahead is extra juicy, exciting, and celebratory.

Aries of the Week: Roberto Carlos

A little bit of frustration goes a long way this week, bulls. So catch a fire and watch it burn. Let desire overtake you with its demands, unearthing your stance and jazz-er-cising your heart strings. The omens predict that once you give in to the rage, you will find you are more than able to withstand and keep up with its scorching heat, despite what story you've been telling yourself.

Taurus of the Week: Birgit Nilsson

I have a wandering eye (the mark of a shaman in most ancient cultiures), that is only totally noticeable when I take off my glasses. Thats a good thing, because I already draw enough attention to my wild self as it is. But every now and then it's fun and healthy to let my freak flag fly all the way out, reveling in the mystical genius of my being, and with just a little sense of humor, enjoying the extraordinary reaction I inevitably get. Know what I mean, twins?

Gemini of the Week: Igor Shafaraveich

I guess it can be a tough transition when the baby bird leaves the nest, but isn't that just a symbolic gesture anyway? I'm sure nature has it rigged so that the family can locate each other if/when they need to via a special CAW, CU-Ckoo, KIR-i-Ki-KI, HAllelujah, lookatme, wishyawere here,,,,see ya on the flip side bro!

Cancer of the Week: Chicago Freedom Movement Rally

Give from a place where you'll notice the difference, cats. That's to remind yourself of the meaning of true generosity. It's also the key to better magic, increased mojo, and miraculous karma. Fear not any sacrifice you gotta make. What goes around comes waaaaaaay back around. It's a guarantee, babe.

Leo of the Week: Cecile Chaminade

As you draw ever nearer to solving the mystery, pursue the twists and turns without further adue. The less you try to plan the course, the more likely you will locate the path to paradise (which, for you, is the place with all the "answers"). Once you let the waves take you where they wanna, there will be nothing preventing you from rescuing knowledge from its secret hiding place.

Virgo of the Week: Nancy Keesing

My neighbor accused me this week of always wearing pajama like clothing. Like you, most of my days involve twisting through elaborate hoops and walking on tightropes and stilts, so it's usually easier if my style is relaxed. But I'm gonna take her advice with a grain of salt, scales, and accept the challenge of being a sharper looking contortionist, mostly just for entertainment purposes, but also to see if it might step up my game.

Libra of the Week: the world's fist postcards are issued from Austria

You are only as guilty as you believe you are,scorp. Keep that in mind this week so as not to fall into any psychological traps. PS-Forgiving others is typcially an excellent way to remember to show mercy upon self. Skip the punishment. You and me are free to make mistakes as we go, evolving from the wisdom of experience, and lifting ourselves up from our bootstraps with pride intact, regardless.

Scorpio of the Week: Sun Yat Sen

Figure out how/where/when you're squandering your time, energy, and motivation, archer. That's a huge task, and not likely one you'll complete overnight, but it's what can be expected in the season of the orderly virgo. Even if her methods of organization seem fastidious and boring for a thrill seeker like you, I predict that you will be grateful later, after all your business is in order, and you be more truly free to laugh and play.

Sagittarius of the Week: Carlo Gozzi

Show all competitors that you at least intend to make a solid effort at asserting your point of view, and trying things your way-using a method that is keen, graceful, rigorous, pragmatic, and hope ful, all at once. Hold your position, assuming a posture that communicates total willingness to endure whatever time it takes to be heard and understood.

Capricorn of the Week: Zuzana Ruzickova

What if there were a force beyond your measure, water bearers, moving at a rate you could neither predict nor keep up with, emitting a brilliance of color so bright and intricate that you could hardly take it all in, define it, or begin to register it's power? Behold the sight and sensation if it then, that's all. Let the experience suspend the need to classify, for the moment.

Aquarius of the Week: Dave Davies

Let not over sentimentality stand in the way of true awareness, fish. With a more imparitial point of view, forward movement is forseeable. Observing through a lens that is less personal stimulates a crisper clarity. Calm the calamity of all confusion with a heavier dose of objectivity.

Pisces of the Week: Ralph David Abernathy