Week of August 31, 2011

In this case, to "fall for it" is a good thing, rams. Because what you are collapsing into is likely a once- in- a- lifetime opportunity, a rare chance to complicate your life in the right way, an unusual encounter with an overwhelming yet divine version of the life force.

Aries of the Week: Joseph Pullitzer

You are about to have a change of luck, taurus. To ensure that this happens, keep swimming against the tide. Bounce off the resistance with ease though, crashing not against the waves but smoothly navigating your way around them. Eventually, by virtue of a patient but unyielding focus, the wheel of fortune will shift into a direction you much prefer...

Taurus of the Week: The Paris Exposition

Trade your overactive mind for a few moments of peaceful drift, twins. Turn out the lights and pretend no one is at home. Shut down the first, second, and third eye so that you can tap into the inner light more easily. With less distraction from the outside clamor, you'll gain access to the vaster plane of ancient knowledge and esoteric wisdoms.

Gemini of the Week: Nikki Giovanni

A "remora" is a fish with a sectoral disk on the side of its head which it uses to cling to other fish and/or ships. WARNING: For swifter, more fluid moment, please remove all external devices. To travel all the way out of your "zone", i.e. unfurl the total length of your agenda, shed yourself of all co- dependencies. ASAP.

Cancer of the Week: Julia Lathrop

If you should happen upon a burning bush this week, consider it a blessing in disguise. Listen closely to the cackling of the flames, and at last you will discover that its only emblazoned so as to get your attention. But thats something a fire beast like yourself should understand well. You ALSO tend to create enchanted wildfires when you are trying to put a vital point across..

Leo of the Week: Shunda K

Take a hold of the ship, virg. Without guilt or fear, drive it through the storm. You've got the focus of mind and heart to take on the task of impeccable navigation. You were born to drive, in fact. With a looking glass as shiny and clear as your own, and a heart as genuinely concerned, there is no reason to assume that you'd be anything other than the perfect pilot.

Virgo of the Week: John Philips

Maktub, in arabic, means "It is written". It's true, scales that it's all there to be linguistically determined. As you decipher the intricate meanings, you are advised to take note not only of words and language use, but also tone, rhythm, and color. Translation will only be fully possible once you take into consideration ALL forms of symbology.

Libra of the Week: Lindsey Buckingham

I'm sticking with the forecast from last week, scorp.. In case you didn't hear it, I'll tell you again. Stay in the romantic mood, fully indulging in the role of lover. Dance with the partner(s) in your midst, re discovering your ability to bring a sweet groove to any and all situations. Be solely devoted to the twisting/ twirling undulations of your heart. Aim for joy everlastinggggg.

Scorpio of the Week: Lucia Popp

Pelion, in East Thessaly of Greek legend, is home of the centaurs. I wonder what it's like there, archers. Are there just a bunch of half horse people running around, cavorting, having fun, and planning their next voyage into the unknown? I suggest you locate such a community as soon as you can, not only to remember who you are and where you come from, but also to gather support, inspiration, and fuel for further creative gallavanting.

Sagittarius of the Week: Andre Claveau

Make your very important case this week, goats. Do it with style and grace, but be sure to let your ideas all the way out of the bag. Be loose but precise in your presentation, letting there be enough but not TOO MUCH room for interpretation. Take advantage of the virgin season, whose down to earth approach and methods are eerily similar to your own.

Capricorn of the Week: Bernard Sumner

To experience certain adventures, just remain open to having them water bearer. For example, if you wish to gaze at stars, admire the endlessness of an infinite sky or hold hands with a secret crush, resist not the invitation to do so. Accept the fatedness of the fairy tale and you will then have a chance to live it.

Aquarius of the Week: Nick Mason

Be yourself, right out there in the open where everyone can see you, fish. Be overly outgoing and extra flamboyant. Retreat not into thy famous hiding places. Forget about that option this week. Be willing to play outside in the fresh air, showing off your SWAG. It'll be a blast. (off).

Pisces of the Week: James Merrill