Week of August 23, 2011

Revolt with intelligence, rams. Rock out without being "knocked" out. Assert your point of view while also keeping the peace. Tear the structure down laughingly, lovingly, with a zest ful hope for all future plans of rebuilding aNEW.

Aries of the Week: Juvenile

To attain wisdom, or what is known in the east as "prajna", suspend thy judgment. Let the truth speak openly to you without interruption, unraveling at your feet, barrelling through your brain, overwhelming your posture, and tranforming your emotions. Agree to the change which such complete and specific knowledge is guaranteed to bring about.

Taurus of the Week: Josh Tillman

Let neither pride nor doubt stand in the way of your testimony, twins. If you should be positioned before a person/people, don't flich. Trust your vision, despite any resistance. Follow your heart, past the illusionary barriers of society. Practice your ideas anyway, no matter how/if they are received. Test the waters this week. Experiment with living by the principle of your awareness.

Gemini of the Week: Anna Hazare

Speak from your overflowing heart, crabs. Let it bubble over excitedly, with all the passion and fervor its posessing. Imagine that your thoughts and feelings have an engine attached to it, a running motor that is purring with the desire to fly out and hum on, flapping its wings with pure momentum.

Cancer of the Week: Space Shuttle Atlantis

Take some of you for yourself, cats. Eat from the table you typically provide. That way you can remember how rich are its foods, how bright, exotic, interesting, and potent are those colors and vibrations. Turn inward ever so slightly so that so you can experience that for yourself, understanding better why everyone is so craaaaaaazy about you.

Leo of the Week: Poor Man's Palace

Take the first sip this week, virg. Taste the flavor of a new beginning. You've done alllllll the work that was required to attain independence of thought and action. To exaggerate the point, feel free to dance nakedly on table tops. Reward yourself by being openly rowdy.. Accept the invitation to let go of old patterns and embody truer expression.

Virgo of the Week: Chris Tucker

Yamatanka is a mythical yogi whose meditative powers are so great that after witnessing the slaying of a sacred bull, instead of being terminated by the thieves who committed the crime, he becomes what is referred to as the vanquisher or "all powerful diamond like destroyer of death". The moral of the story-keep being you, so highly spiritualized that you shine above and beyond seeming threats.

Libra of the Week: Martie Maguire

Take a break from all the toil and trouble this week scorp. Stay in bed with your lover(s). Relinquishing responsiblity will deepen focus and foster a sharper awareness. Sweet kisses will provide illumination. Romance will clarify the waters of your soul. Swim in them.

Scorpio of the Week: "The Madman across the water"

Take your emotional, creative, physcial and metaphysical needs seriously archers.. Make a list, jotting things down as they come up. Better yet, as soon as you get the notion, try to act on the impulse. Making the connection between you and your fantasies will add faith AND vision to your heart's mission.

Sagittarius of the Week: Grant Daddy G Marshall

Create a space for your genius-ness, goats. Set it apart from the day to day business. Begin the sacred ritual this week of tapping into your creative powers, by first making time for that. Let the taking of imaginative inventory be included as a part of your agenda.

Capricorn of the Week: Kay Francis

Break on through, water bearers. Don't let futile paranoia stand in the way of eloquent action. Put your most fabulous thoughts into motion this week. Notice how this movement squelches the fear of the unknown or un-understood. You're actually making it up as YOU go along, gathering illumination on a moment to moment basis.

Aquarius of the Week: Mary Chapin Carpenter

Loyalty is realtive, fish. Staying true to your soul only requires that you keep listening to it. While the world spins around you, interactions continue. Its up to you alone to register and decipher the exchange. Keep your center by remaining honest, forthright, and relaxed about your individual feelings.

Pisces of the Week: will.i.am