Week of August 15, 2011


Be neither unbearably hopeful nor un-necessarily despairing, rams. The smoothest road lies somewhere in between those extremes. Within the duality of nature, there lies compromise. Beneath the layers of conflict and obscurity, there is an overall pattern which cleverly takes the best of both worlds, and leaves the worst of each behind.

Aries of the Week: Big Ben


There is an old Spanish maxim stating that whomever provides the bread also lays down the law. In which case, bulls, that'd be YOU. So make the call. Specifically, what's your idea of a great holiday, an awesome vacation, an energizing work break, rock n roll sabbatical, etc. Lead the way!

Taurus of the Week: Ace Frehley


To experience true love (and possibly sex...), seek not revenge. Plot the union, not the separation of the universe. Use your sharp intellect and nimble fingers to make repairs. Fill the void with your tales of miracles and tunes of joy. Whisper sweet nothingnesses into ears that long to listen.

Gemini of the Week: Fats Waller


Few weeks will be as prolific as the one ahead crabs. Be poised for poetic reverie. Have a pen, pencil, paintbrush, and (power tool?) on hand. The universe will be spitting out rhymes, rhythms, and relativity theories at the speed of light. Look for faces in the clouds, listen for melodies in the winds, seek clues and inspiration in daily conversation, midnight strolls, and last minute trips to the grocery store.

Cancer of the Week: Jim Kerr


At last, the heat wave has let up, allowing everyone to regain clarity and collect their cool. Similarly, cats, this week you will have the chance to recover your mind, and re-organize your thinking. Thats really all you need right now, in order to devise your future plans. Start out by looking situations SQUARE in the eye, until all illusion dissipates and only a simpler truth remains.

Leo of the Week: Ginger Baker


This week is sort of like a spiritual homecoming, virg. That not only means you get to wear a sparkling suit or dress of your choice, it also recommends that you don a certain crown of glory, just to fully immerse yourself in the mood, be better linked to the fun of it, and make a gesture which suggests you might finally be ready to seriously acknolwedge your royal status.

Virgo of the Week: Roy Ayers


Sogyal Rinpoche reminds us that the "still revolutionary insight of Buddhism is that life and death are in the mind and nowhere else". He goes on to recall the importance of meditation in revealing and excusing thoughts from their habit and authority in order to become aware of the true nature of self and life. It'd be worth your time and effort to try and strip things down like that this week, scales. Discover whether certain stories you've been relying on as fact are just standing in the way of authentic knowledge/psychedelic vision...

Libra of the Week: Tico Torres


This week a thunderstorm kept me up through the night. I didn't want to miss a single word of it's pitter patter, shizam, pow, shhhhhhhisssshing. Nature speaks, scorp- clearer and usually louder than our own languages. AND once it does, all is thoroughly understood. It's kind of like whenever YOU decide to make a statement. Your own heart's wisdom pounds out vibrations that are similarly irrefutable-holding the power to silence the masses with its simultaneous brilliance and depth.

Scorpio of the Week: Gary Mounfield


Share the spotlight with the ones who taught you everything you know archers. Don't worry there is plenty of attention to go around. Your generosity will be returned to you. Your splendor of spirit has never failed you in the past, so why would that stop you now? Just be sure to taking total notice of what gifts are already present- no pun intended.

Sagittarius of the Week: Mike Skinner


Think outside the box this week, goats. The sooner you are able to see beyond what is immediately in front of you, the more instantly your insight will deepen, expand, and protrude, guiding you outwards. Square walls have served you well and it is with gratitude that you lay that old structure to rest. Times are changing though, and a new, less imposing type of design will be necessary to meet the needs of the current/upcoming trend.

Capricorn of the Week: Robin Guthrie


Take as much time and space as you need to conduct your rites and ceremony, water bearer. Of all the signs, you know best that law is not created by man, woman, or court. Freedom is natural to you. So start acting like it again. Bend the rules which never existed in the first place. Live life on your own terms, calm and cool and certain and crazy, all the same.

Aquarius of the Week: Coxsone Dodd


Romance is in the air this week, fish, and in the water and the food too. There's no escaping these feverish tones of passion. So just go with the loving flow. Bathe in tender, caressing waters, letting those massage your solar plexus, stimulate your third eye travel, prompt your inner strip tease, and bounce you round, intertwixt the many dimensions.

Pisces of the Week: Roger Daltry