Week of July 25, 2011

Relax. Then it'll be CLEAR that you have every intention of receiving what will benefit you. To facilitate abundance, lay down your weapon. This moment is best understood and experienced if you remain fluid. Such flexibility is more easily attained without the extra weight and added concentration that comes with "equipment". Travel light, so that you have the greatest possible access to the gifts afloat.

Aries of the Week: "Strangers with Candy"

Don't skip to the end of the book. Let the future remain a mystery, bulls. PLUS: you will only make contact with the magic of the time once you cease to question it. Step into the action. The season of the lion shall provide you with boosts of courage, an added sense of adventure, humor, and spontaneity that should make taking the risk of being present more natural than ever before.

Taurus of the Week: "The Real World"

Even though your voice is usually music to mine and everyone else's ears, itd be best to take a vow of silence. Go deep inside of you to: obtain clarity-inner and outer, tame the wild ideas in your ever expanding mind, and arrive at certain decisions. Benefit from your own wisdom first( for a change. )

Gemini of the Week: "Sex and the City"

This week officially begins the much awaited period of your personal assertion, crabs. As you enter into this totally amazing phase of decisive-ness, be not shaken nor stirred. Proceed with your agenda, the one you've been silently preparing for many moons. Take the direction you've been so long contemplating, reveling in the momentum of your ideas AT LAST.

Cancer of the Week: "Ru Paul's Drag U"

Happy re-birthday lions! This year you are newer than ever before. As you are always re-inventing yourself, the crowd certainly won't be surprised at your use of novelty. However, they are going to be as shocked as ever at just how much more fresh, groovy, clever, coy, and cool you appear.

Leo of the Week: "Friday Night Videos"

Can you receive with as much skill as you give, virg? The universe poses the challenge this summer season. Practice leaving your hands, heart and door open, as if you were expecting opportunity, charm, power, grace, and friendship to come your way at any moment. This could just be a way for the cosmos to remind you that there are PLENTY of offers, once you believe it and then extend yourself towards them.

Virgo of the Week: "Carnivale"

This week you shall step out of uncertainty like an animal that sheds itself of a skin no longer useful. You will soon forget you once even wore such robes. Now that your sure-footedness has been realized, revel in the freedom of a doubtless existence. Before you get down to business, have a dance party to celebrate the motion that is now possible without the weight of worry.

Libra of the Week: "The cosby show"

You can let go now, scorp. As soon as you release your strong-hold, which is both mental and emotional, you can get your metaphorical wings, which will take you to a metaphorical heaven which, as it turns out, is not so metaphorical after all. All that's required is that you ALLOW yourself to go there, releasing your need to control or even grasp the meaning of any one aspect of the journey. Surrender is your vehicle to bliss and bounty.

Scorpio of the Week: "Days of Our lives"

Make contact with the part of yourself that feels the most vulnerable, raw, and true. From that point, you can know everything you need to. That specific hot bed is a passageway, a highway to hope, which though at first excruciating, will eventually give way to a feeling of peace and well-being. Let your honest feelings be the route to recovery, dear archer.

Sagittarius of the Week: "The Simpsons"

Enter the dreamspace in the sleepy season of summer, goats. Not only will you get some much needed shut-eye, you will also have a chance to tune more deeply into your subconscious, which is currently rich with romantic notions. Space out and sail the sea of love this week, capricorn. Enjoy the gentleness of the welcoming waves.

Capricorn of the Week: "The L Word"

If you create the space for it this week, you will be able to connect the dots in a new way, water bearer. Youy shall be struck by creative lightning, your head filled with bright and powerful visions, clear truths, and inspiring comedy. Spend larger than average amounts of time in the "zone", then, so as to be available to pure revelation/breakthrough awareness/hilarious enlightenment.

Aquarius of the Week: "Chappelle's Show"

Power is directly equivalent to labor, fishes. There is no other secret to changing your fortune. Therefore any time you find yourself wishing and/or wondering this week, get to work. Your situation can and will change according to your own unique efforts. Weave the dream on your own- by virtue of your personal talents and time.

Pisces of the Week: "Three's Company"