Week of July 8, 2011

Even the good things must come to an end, rams. But there is another way to look at the expiration date. When one cycle is over, another begins. Just because you don't know what that means EXACTLY, doesn't necessarily forecast the change as negative. The other perspective to take on the matter is the one that views such transformation as a healthy, road opening, empowering turn of events.

Aries of the Week: Mike McCready

Summer certainly isn't subtle, so why should YOU be, bulls? If you're feeling as spicy as the weather these days, let it show. As passion emerges, you get freer. Practice expression without restraint this week. Burst out from whatever cloud you've been suffering behind, as fiery and fierce as the sun itself.

Taurus of the Week: Jack Bruce

Your mojo is a specific type of charm. Twins, you know you have returned to your "self" when: you are able to maintain focus and retain your truths despite all chaos and clutter, you refuse to sacrifice your wisdom for the sake of the status quo, and once you are willing to take whatever risks are necessary to assert your pure ideas.

Gemini of the Week: Jardin des Plantes museum

My mother has been convinced since before I was born that she has French relatives. Recently, after over fifty years of no evidence to support her theory, proof of this was actually found. Similiarly, crabs, this week you shall discover that certain (hopeful) suspicions have been confirmed. Whatever inkling you started off will turn out to be a solid, straight up FACT.

Cancer of the Week: Tanya Donnelly

Skip the bla bla bla lions. Get right to the heart of the matter. This week you will become more aware than ever that there is no time to waste and therefore no reason to beat around the proverbial bush. Experience has proven that such meandering only enables confusion and encourages calamity. Why not lessen the odds of irritation by being completely courageous, clear, and comprehensive?

Leo of the Week: Fantasmagorie

Find the middle road this week, virg. Strive to be as diplomatic as you are persistent in your ways. Let your ears be as open as they are discerning. Lend a hand that is helpful yet specific. Choose what gambles you will take and let the winds occassionaly blow down whatever house has been too long standing. Gentle, but firm, enthusiastic yet precise, may you rise above all current "challenge".

Virgo of the Week: Maria Capovilla

Lead with your hips, scales. Let your movements begin from that place, making it one hundred percent easier to skip and also ski-daddle. Like a child, only more elegant, peruse the streets with a lighthearted yet totally conscious step. That way you are free of pressure yet present enough to take part if you so desire.

Libra of the Week: KLM Airlines

I noticed that there are several suitors in pursuit of your love, time, and attention. It's no surprise, scorp. There is no juice as sweet as yours, no touch as tender, and no grip as strong and steady. So let them compete. See who comes up with the best offer, the one that is most representative of what you deserve and also desire. Be prepared to wait for that and you will surely obtain it.

Scorpio of the Week: Chris Walla

Whats your theme song, archer? Play this as loudly and as often as possible this week. Crank the stereo sound, enough to overwhelm and thus exorcise any energy or poltergeist which seeks to thwart your personal mission. Get back into your own groove, ASAP, i.e. right now!

Sagittarius of the Week: Project SCORE, the world's first communication satellite

For a goat as quiet and cool as you, there is definitely more than meets the eye. The omens suggest that now is not only a good time to cash in on your time and talent, it'd also cause more fun than you've had in a while to let others in on your secrets. There are various tricks to your trade- And a plethora of ways to translate such fantastic-ness.

Capricorn of the Week: Kate Bosworth

It's totally possible to be E-rotic without being NEU-rotic, water bearers. If thats correct, then the idea that you could be as outrageous as you are under control would also be true. May your wildness assume its gracefulest posture this week. Let your heart's flag wave high enough for everyone to see, and also far enough out there to remain in constant flight/continuous motion.

Aquarius of the Week: Andre Breton

Take a breather, fish. Find the nearest park bench, seashore, inner sanctum to rest and recoup. Roll into a more peaceful state, in order to facilitate your own wellness, regain your power, restore your third eyesight, and recharge your personal batteries.

Pisces of the Week: Oliver Wendell Holmes