Week of July 1, 2011

Embrace the unknown, rams. Wrap yourself around it as tightly as you can, actually. You are only just getting used to the good life. This week is the ideal time to strike the pose. Practice walking the walk and talking the talk of the new vibe until it "sticks" and becomes the usual.

Aries of the Week: NASA's Mercury 7

Take the WHOLE day off, bulls. Don't waste any time wondering if you are worth the vacation. Bite the bullet this holiday weekend and honor the notion of spare time, day dreaming, swimming off into your own direction, and basking in the midnight/ moonlight/ masquerade. DO IT!

Taurus of the Week: Glaciarium, the first mechanically frozen ice rink

Let me just say one thing, twins: You should stay put. Own the seat you are sitting in, to overly communicate the fact that you care, are willing to wait, and want to be united with what you consider to be your own happiness. Make extraaaaa efforts to be clear about your desires and how you intend to manifest them.

Gemini of the Week: Ajahn Chah

When opportunity literally rolls into your lap, snatch it up! If a magical horse should arrive at your door, may you jump on and ride along to wherever the day may take you. If extra money should suddenly appear in your bank account, understand that it's just the start of good fortune, which is scheduled to BEGIN during your birthday season but END no time soon.

Cancer of the Week: Brazil wins the first world cup

A little bit of raw emotion goes a long way this week cats. Let yourself experience total, pure, unadulterated feeling. Reaching a boiling point could be a good thing right now, as it will not only provide a much needed purging but will also promote the clarity you will soon need to make certain decisions.

Leo of the Week: NBA

Let your heartbreak burst into a Hallelujah this festive weekend, virg. Seek not to thwart, divert, or rearrange your sharpest insight, pure awareness, or emotional longing. Work with the strength of those purposes, not AGAINST them. Once you accept their power, such energy can begin to directly serve you.

Virgo of the Week: Jesse Owens

Keep things straight, not for the purpose of making a tally, but just for the sake of your own personal records, scales. The clear facts need not be used to block your travels, but if those truths are totally acknowledged for what they are, they may bring you to certain destinations in a swifter, safer manner.

Libra of the Week: Yo Yo Ma

Be especially careful this week not to resign to victim status, scorp. If ever you feel like you are being painted into a corner by either an outer or inner source, use sharp claws to pierce your way past its illusionary gate- or activate your power to levitate directly above and beyond its imposingness.

Scorpio of the Week: Omara Portuondo

Keep in mind that every thing that happens this week, big or small, is only a result of past actions and/or efforts, archer. There are in fact no surprises here. The more trusting you are of that philosophy in regards to your life, the more you can benefit from whatever lessons, resources, and challenges should arise.

Sagittarius of the Week: National Front of the Liberation of Vietnam

Have a coffee talk this week goats. Chat it up with some of your favorite folks. Let your imaginations collide into a collaboration. You could use a partner in crime as well as someone with whom to explore, coast along, etc.

Capricorn of the Week: Cynthia Robinson

Lay down the law, if/when necessary water bearer. If you should be called to such action this week, take the chance! You and I both know that you are prepared to administer your truth, principle, and keen awareness when that duty calls. PLUS: the omens predict that once you get into the spirit of delivering your dharma, you shall reaaaaaallllly enjoy it.

Aquarius of the Week: Oregon

Fishes, gather round to hear a brand new sound. Let the rhythm move you as it will, without pausing to consider where it could be leading . The cosmos is speaking to you, in you, and all around. DIve into the all encompassing experience. Let it swirl and twirl and hurl you forwardly.

Pisces of the Week: The Phoenix Lights