Week of June 24, 2011

Be leisure-ly, Aries. Eat an extra big piece of pie this week and RAM-ble out more than usual. Set aside enough time to imagine you got nowhere to be, nuthin to do, no one to answer to. Wander along, acting on pure whims and experimenting with creative fancy. Recline for longer than average. Let the hours take on a whole new/less pressurized (but more thrilling) twist .

Aries of the Week: PGA

Bulls, if you aren't awake already, you are just about to experience an unprecedented level of aliveness. You shall soon sprout from slumber with a budding readiness to rise. You feel more yourself than ever, but with HIGH-er levels of momentum, awareness, and electricity, all at the same time.

Taurus of the Week: Space Shuttle Endeavor

Take the specific help this week, twins, especially the friendly but iron hand which offers itself to you. You could use a steel grip right about now... That type o' support provides a necessary anchorage to your wing-ed theories. It just so happens to be the right time to put the clamp down on such ideas, so that they can actually fly better/for longer.

Gemini of the Week: Abraham Lincoln's "House Divided" speech

Choose the places and people you wish to lend your best self to this week, crabs. It's the season of your personal request, and so to start you off, you are personally invited by the UNI-verse to: take any chance you are given to select your happiness, as you are totally certain of what that entails and overly deserving of the right to DO IT.

Cancer of the Week: Russian State Library

Name your hero(s) lion. Who are the characters that have not only inspired, but also feeded you along the way? Who are the persons that nourished, strengthened, and led you onward? This week may you begin to honor as well as modulate those examples of high and hopeful living. Give them due respect by not only speaking on the topic and being dressed for the part, but also remaining poignantly ready to enact those principles.

Leo of the Week: Missouri

Your values need not be compromised, virg. Your wisdom doesn't have to be squandered. It is not necessary to sacrifice your inventions. I urge you now more than ever to lead by the light of your philosophy. Bring forth the knowledge, fortitude, heart and brilliance you've been storing up.

Virgo of the Week: UN headquarters in NY

You need not ask permission to be your funky self, have a rock n roll cruise, or make sweet/brilliant love in the middle of the day. Let your buzzing heart take the flight of its choosing, scales. Fly on, without looking back at where you are coming from, with no stress about where you are going, but with a serene sense of being entrenched in the bliss of now.

Libra of the Week: Evel Knievel

It's time to show off your latest moves, scorp. Shuffle, skip, slide, and swagger onward, swaying to the rhythm of your soul. Reveal that you are more present than ever before, but shining brighter than expected. Let your story be told by the way that you shake it, scorp. SSSSSSSSSSOOOOO severe/serpentine, serene/sexy, shimmering/sweet.

Scorpio of the Week: Choi Hong Di

There IS a difference between borrowing and stealing, sag. Just as there is a distinguishment between giving freely and holding someone hostage. The more clear you are about the comparison, the less time you will actually have to spend thinking about it, coming up with answers or trying to make any decisions. Genuine instinct will naturally arise.

Sagittarius of the Week: Carlos Montoya

At this crossroads, patience is required. Pause to catch your breath and relax. If you were a sailor, navigating the ship through a fog, you would still be able to see. Thats because you are thoroughly in tune. So your heart can see the same as your eyes, your hands, your thighs and your toes. That type of vision is not restricted to one area, goats. It runs through your veins, pulsates through your whole body, pounding out answers and pointing the way in a steady beat.

Capricorn of the Week: Naomi Judd

Tear the temporary roof off the proverbial building, water bearer. You can always build a new one. Sometimes its just fun to roll around in the dirt, leave the dishes in the sink after dinner, stay in your pajamas all day, eat ice cream out of the carton, and dance naked in your kitchen. The point is to: step beyond certain limits this week. I forsee that a healthy dose of temporary lawlessness will replenish your creative longing, refresh your personal style, rekindle your stride, and rejuvenate your mind.

Aquarius of the Week: largest alluvial Gold Nugget

A wise man or woman once said that the more consciously you do things the first time around, the less you will end up begrudgingly retracing your steps. Such concentration will allow you to work hard but eventually play even harder. Personal experience has proven to me that more party time might be something that really interests a fish like you....

Pisces of the Week: Girl Scouts