Week of June 8, 2011

Home is where the heart is, rams. The sooner you stop running furiously towards some "final" destination, the more instantly you can arrive. The moment contains all the ammenities you could ever need. So join yourself to the present. Live off of it and for it-to discover some of that which you actively seek and some of which is beyond even your own wildest imagination.

Aries of the Week: Emile Zola

Be your strongest/ wisest self, bulls. Push neither too hard nor too little. Seize opportunity while still leaving enough room for new ideas. Let your theories evolve this week as you continue to gather courage, insight, and charm. Every ounce of xtra pizazz can help you leap beyond whatever barriers stand in between you and a certain victory.

Taurus of the Week: The Pontiac Rebellion

Random dynamics are bound to burst upon the scene this week, twins. Therefore, keep your eyes, ears and nose properly peeled. Stay tuned for more messages, even after you thought that all had spoken their peace. I recommend you perch atop the nearest precipice, lounge along the lazy lakeside, sit upon the dock of a bay, and listen in.

Gemini of the Week: Crazy Horse's Spiritual Vision leads to sundance

Wish freely, crabs. What is your deepest desire at this time? If you don't know exactly, take the week to figure it out. Get in touch with innermost self- its naked truth and radical demands. The cosmos stands at attention, prepared to grant your immediate wishes. According to the powers that be, you are way overdue to receive such fortune.

Cancer of the Week: first national conference of Black Power

The omens predict that you will finally get hitched this week. In some form or another, you will pledge your allegiance to a particular thought, person, place, or thing. Anyone familiar with the lion knows that this is a battle hard fought. So let us all take a few minutes out of our busy schedule to acknoweldge the end of an era, to appreciate the glory of a new beginning, and to honor the valiant and longstanding efforts of a colossal cat to find the perfect place to rest their CLAWS. Amen and hallelujah.

Leo of the Week: 10,000 form a human chain for a cleaner North Sea in W.Germany

Wear your finest business suit to the party, and your beach apparell to the office this week Virg. It's do-everything-in-reverse season. Not only are the stars more inclined towards such a flip flop, such backwardness will also throw all those that seek to pin you down way OFF. Changing your routine removes you from the radar, which is at this time a totally good and absolutely necessary thing.

Virgo of the Week: Richard Wright

According to my sources, this week is scheduled to be one of your awesomest yet, scales. So don't do anything to work against the trend. Instead, do whatever you can to feed into the specific spectacular-ness. Dance with the wind when it blows, greet the sun as it shines, praise the night, and run alongside the rain. Make communion with the natural elements, which shall sustain your fierce will.

Libra of the Week: Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first woman in history to receive medical degree

Let go of the red tape, scorp. Then you'll be able to see even more clearly than you already are. If your vision got any sharper, you'd turn into a razor blade or something. Cool. Thats just the type of edge you need to make the appropriate incisions this week, and from now on, until you can breathe again. To enhance ability follow not in the footsteps of convention. Keep your eye on the truths that lie beyond all of that, unflinchingly.

Scorpio of the Week: Jules Leotard perform the first flying trapeze circus act

Summer is here and it's the perfect time to wander, archer. Get lost in the long, heat filled days, letting hours linger. The months ahead are like a personal odyssey for you. So get in the mood. Count not the miles as they go by. Settle into the seat as it sails, the background ever changing, a karnivalesque kaleidoscope of wonder.

Sagittarius of the Week: Calvin and Hobbes

It's high time to shave off the extra hair, weight, etc, goats. Now that the heat has arrived, it's almost mandatory that you reduce pressure and alleviate tension. Doing so shall unleash the beast that lies within, who is overly eager to make an entrance. I suggest you nurture the notion of such wild expression, by first eliminating ANYTHING that stands in its way.

Capricorn of the Week: Edith Piaff

This week I met a fellow magus who reminded me that one can divine at all times, because the universe is constantly communicating through any and all mediums. Though this is something that open minded people like me and you well know, water bearer, it was a great time to remember that wisdom is ubiquitous, alchemy is ever possible, and connections are infinitely available.

Aquarius of the Week: Red Bird

Hitting the bulls-eye is key right now, fish. So hold yourself to that particular standard. Make the extra effort to be preciser than ever in your communication, comittments, and practice. Start a cycle that mirrors your beliefs, dreams, and desires with exactness. Be lifted to the next level by way of your own everyday consistency..

Pisces of the Week: Pancho Villa leads 1000 guerillas into New Mexico