Week of May 31, 2011

Stick to your plan, rams. It doesn't matter if no one else sees the forest for the trees.It'dbe silly tofollow the blind crowd.It'd be wise to take the risk that a full recognition of your visioncould demand. Be daring as one whomakes love to life- trusting your heart and the moment you are in.

Aries of the Week: "South Pacific"

Tell not the story that has been re-counted so many trillions of times. Get to the burgeoningheart of the matter, bulls. There is a new tale to be told, hot off the press of your recent quest. You are advised to be a walking, talking version of everything you know NOW,modeling newfound wisdom in your daily style, practicing itin your response(s), honoring it with your choices.

Taurus of the Week: Jean Rochefort

Popularity is useless this week, in yoursincere effort to be heard. Seek not the approval of others. This will allow you to be more candid. With the season of you in full swing, it'll be easier than usual to remain naked and free (as you prefer). So let your notions flowout like an uninterrupted stream, extending the ride to those who wish to travel, and movingswiftly beyond those that block the path of expression's way- hooo-ray.

Gemini of the Week: Anne Frank

What are the parts of yourself you wish tolay to rest this memorial day week, crab? The starsare with you as you attemptto step out of whatever box you've been using as a form of protection and survival to venture beyond.Let your feeling lead youtowhat places you want to be. Don't letpast loyaltystand in the way of inspiration. Pursue alternative perspective/experience at the speed of light.

Cancer of the Week: Millenium Park

Dream on, cats. Romance shall feed you this week.Support the idea by taking an initiative. Wander, at least, until you becomesufficiently lost from the everyday. As you get back in touch with the abstract, it will be simpler to re- locate your pure instinct, gaining greateraccess to your generous, adventurous, inventive, and playful side(s).

Leo of the Week: Jean Piaget

Claim your "harvest" this week, virg. Don't wait for someone else to step in/up. Your personal authority need not hang in the balance precariously.Yourproduceis home-made,everyangle representing adistinct dimension of your specific time, talent and tailorship. So take fullpride... assign appropriatevalue to your crops... lettingtheir worth guide you to greater opportunity.

Virgo of the Week: Mall Of America

First, cut the chains that arelimiting your higher goals. There is aLARGEdifference between bearing the strain of someone else's work and harnessing the load of your own labor. Striving for your individualdreamsis less weighty yetmore deeply satusfying.Committing self to your own enterprise may take more time and consideration, but it's less grueling,and more defining.

Libra of the Week: Burma Railway

Do they hear what you hear? Not exactly, scorp. But thats not important. Just continue to listen. The fatesreport that your sign is in the midst of a divine reverie, i.e. alive and directcommunication with the cosmos. Follow the beat, honey. Rise to that rhythm,bathing in its powerful light of pure illumination, and if you can remember to later, take notes...

Scorpio of the Week: Adolphe Sax

Possibility unfolds before you when at last your heart and mind arestill, archers. Vision grows sharper as you pause to breathe. Awareness expands when you fasten yourself to the moment at hand. Practice being present. Maintain a space in the wilderness for quiet reflection, so that the colors may reveal theirentire beauty and brilliance.

Sagittarius of the Week: Adventures of Huckeberry Finn

There are so many reasons why I love you, goats. Since I was a wee astrologess I have been singing yourpraises. But one of my favorite things about you is the way you respectand alsoexercise thepolitics of mercy. Where others draw sharp lines, you reveal what room there is to still grow and learn. Now is the perfect time to mobilize your philosophy, advocate for it, and let it soar to the heights which it is destined for.

Capricorn of the Week: the transistor

Your opinion, ideas, and intelligence are indispensable, water bearer. Your wisdom is necessary toguarantee agood time. Your extra senses areessential for acomplete lift-off. The door is open to you, thats all. Whensoever you wish to return home, you shall receive comfort, congratulations, cheers and a cold beverage.

Aquarius of the Week: Mikey Craig

(Re)consider your allegiance, fish. This week the twins invite you to a less lawful life, one that relaxes your brain, massages your third eye, and alleviates your inner tensions. Take the chance this week that you are being afforded to let loose and indulge. Join yourself tothe pleasure-scapes in your nearvicinity.

Pisces of the Week: LeToya Tuckett