Week of May 24, 2011

Finish your thoughts, rams. Read through to the end. Don't put a period onany sentence until you have expressed all that you wish to. Listen to and also tell the whole story. Follow through with things this week, all the way to the exciting/definitive END.

Aries of the Week: Real Academy of History

Do you like what you see, taurus? Thenbuy it. Seal the deal this week. Its an excellent time to shake hands and make it real. The winds of fate shall not only blow such opportunity directly your way but shall also give you the breath and breadth neededto reach out and seize the moment.

Taurus of the Week: Eric Singer

Howl at the moon this week, twins, until you feel you have completely tapped into your wild side. Get back in touch with your intuition. Not only is doing sodestined to be a GREATtime, but its also currentlynecessary to securing your health and power. Let the cat all the wayout of the bag, to increase birthday bounty.

Gemini of the Week: NY Public Library

Move on, crabs. Don't take any "baggage" along with you. Mostly as a gesture of your willingness to go forward, give ofyour things, love, time, and energy freely. Let go of worries. Discard what objects and ideas are remnants of a past life. Then get on the boat that is leaving this week to escort you to higher, freer ground.

Cancer of the Week: Joan of Arc acquitted after re-trial

Let the dust settle, lions. As chaos is reduced you can remember how YOU are feeling, as opposed to being the mitigator for everyone else's emotions. Create time in your busy schedule for a longer dip in the jacuzzi, an afternoon spent gazing at the sky, a romantic eveningalone. Take a break from playing the role of conquering lion. Listen closer to the inner whispers of your heart, instead.

Leo of the Week: stainless steel

Knuckle down, virg. Now's the time to take your dreams and desires most seriously. Your mercurial partner gemin-eye brings extra communication the whole month long, including vital information regarding how to precisely go about executing your detailed plans. You won't want to miss the barage of pertinent information. Im positive about that.

Virgo of the Week: Alice Sebold

Suit up, scales.Perform whatever ritual is necessary to illustratean absolutewillingness to do what it takes to act on what you know. Now is a perfect time to begin manifestingthatvision. Set the metaphorical stage. Leave little reminders for yourself to make the point over and over that you are READY and ABLE.

Libra of the Week: Gillian Welch

While it's absolutely true that everything is set up for you to be relinquished from the emotions which typically press upon you, its still required that you meet those efforts halfway, scorp. Though the magic offers an unwavering hand to you at this time, its also crucial that you reach out to it and for it, agreeing entirely with the process of being lifted right up off the ground into the a i r.

Scorpio of the Week: Tracy Morgan

Be swallowed by the abyss, tumbling into the dark waters of liberation. Let the moon and stars be your teacher this week, archers. To absorb as much of the lesson as possible, close your eyes and take off what glasses you typically use to "see". Your vision will expand further without the help of old tricks. Gather new tools of awareness this week, if you dare.

Sagittarius of the Week: Kirsten Gillibrand

You've proved your love enough times goats. So don't hesitate tomake the rules. The gemini influence makes it easier to cut ties this week. Take advantage of the wisepartnership. Don't delay in drawing certain lines in the sand. Yourhigher truth deserves the space to be properly heard and considered.

Capricorn of the Week: Jann Wenner

You get the big picture, water bearer. Great. You know exactly what the final goal is. Cool. Now don't sweat it. It will take a while to reach that point, no matter how clearly you can see it. So cancel what plans you had to speed ahead. Take your sweet loving time. Everyone else is. You might as well join the "party" in the meantime...

Aquarius of the Week: the bonfire of the Vanities

Imagine that the truth is in reverse, fish. Flip flop the scenario.Aslife begins to appear inthat unique light, make an extra effort in support ofthe trend. Try hanging upside down, and peering at the world from this position for a while. Notice how even though you are all turned around, you are more lucid and aware than ever.

Pisces of the Week: "Carmen"