Week of May 16, 2011

Lead  by the light of your imagination this week rams.  By way of colorful example, SHOW others what you mean.  Model your ideas through eloquent gestures.  Communicate your grandest notions with a loud n' lovely whistle.

Aries of the Week: Abraham Maslow

There's a missing spoke on the wheel, bulls.  Thats why you keep spinning in place without really going anywhere.  For future, uninterrupted movement, it will be necesarry to both extricate and add on to in the appropriate places.  Therefore its probably best that before you attempt to mend the "machine", you first take it all apart, and fully (but kinda swiftly) examine it.

Taurus of the Week: the first GIRO d'Italia

Good things come to those who wait, Gemini, especially YOU.  Whenever things aren't going your exact way this week,  plug patience into the equation.  If life does not yield, simply slow down.  And if chaos should ensue, take deeper/longer breaths.

Gemini of the Week: Baseball Hall of Fame

This week I spent an entire evening renaming my phone contacts with more poetic representations of themselves.  I gazed at the moon after dusk in the city park, whispered sweet afternoon nothings in the ear of my new plant, Habib and stayed up until the twilight hours reading a novel about deep sea life.    I recommend you involve yourselves in similar types of activity this week, crabs, indulging in your most romantic, creative, far out longings. 

Cancer of the Week: Florence Ballard

Work less and you might actually get more done this week, lions.  Without trying so hard to insert your point of view, its chance of being considered greatly increases.  Reducing your efforts at this time allows the ones you already made to be realized, in fact.  Life is like that, you see, always a little ironic, with a mind of its own, no matter how hard we try, and yet constantly full of pleasant suprises....(just let it happen...)

Leo of the Week: Kristin Hersh

Trade your gold for glide, virg.  Hand over the goods in exchange for a lil' freedom.  The winds of change are upon you, and are also prepared to blow right through you (and your "things") in order to be heard.   This breeze is a particluarly mighty one, with the force to move right past even your most fortified shelter, so you might as well come willing.   If you can manage to let go on your own, then the whole ordeal is bound to be a lot more fun. 

Virgo of the Week: Amy Poehler

Your evolution is in need of your forgetfulness, scales.  To leap beyond the illusionary barriers of the present moment, you need only to relinquish certain memories, that are occupying precious emotional and psychological real estate.  Keep in mind that there is a marked difference between compartmentalizing those thoughts and dreams and exorcising them entirely.  Make the latter your ultimate goal.

Libra of the Week: Legalization of same sex marriage in CONNETTICUT

Yes, scorpio, the challenges continue in the season of your astrological adversary!  The bull makes a pertinent proposal-can the most loving and compassionate sign of the zodiac , not only give as they are apt to do, but also teach others to do the same?  Can such a sacred creature as you model  spiritual principle with as much strength as you enact it, to not solely nurture but to bring others to an awareness of how to nourish themselves?

Scorpio of the Week: The Dublin Society of United Irishmen

There's just one tiny but vital missing ingredient, archers, which will make all the difference in the metaphorical kitchen this week and for many to come.  To determine what that could be, play close attention to the details, eyes, ears, lips, nose, tummy and toes fully peeled, to discover the subtle but necessary element of success.

Sagittarius of the Week: Maria Callas

Take the risk, goats, the one you've been considering for a while now.  The planets have aligned this week to assist in your own personal steady but direct advance towards a certain finish line.  Take advantage of the light that now beams upon you, soaking in the rays of enthusiasm and ingesting its powers of courage and clarity.

Capricorn of the Week: Andy Summers

Like the Italians say, water bearer, FORGET ABOUT IT.   Let insecurity and mistrust fall by the wayside this week.  Be not a martyr for pain and suffering in the days ahead.  Instead become a glutton for glory.  Wander not into the dungeon of punishment.  Rather, dance openly in the gushing waters of sweet mercy.

Aquarius of the Week: Joey Fatone

Leave no cave of the ocean floor unexplored this week fish.  Get to know the entire lay of the land.  Your knowledge of the terrain is predicted to make all the difference in allowing you to further and eventually accomplish your particular goals.  Let your exploits be not only a way to gather vital resources, but also provide a map of wisest and smoothest navigation through life's wild waters.

Pisces of the Week: Rosa Luxemborg