Week of May 5, 2011

Don't let the heresay, tom-foolery, or Debbie Downers break your stride rams.  See it all for what it is:  a test of your ability to maintain attitude, style, and amazingness.  If a booby trap should suddenly appear, use your agile legs to leap directly over.  If a brick wall should randomly materialize, blow it a  sweet kiss as you shimmy your way around.  If disaster should unexpectedly occur, dance your merry feet right on out of there.  

Aries of the week: Hope Davis

The birds are chirping in honor of your greatness, bulls.  The sun beams its generous rays as a token of direct gratitude.  Flowers everywhere are blooming with love for you.  And the hills are definitely alive with the sound of your music.  Take a look and a listen for yourself this week, if you don't believe it.  Notice the sights and scents that surround you with an essence that is similar to your own earthly flavor-rich and regal.

Taurus of the week: Josh Homme

Feel your way to the door this week, twins.  Your best and wisest choices will be made intuitively, as opposed to being discovered via rational deduction.  Imagine you are blindfolded, and have only your hands and heart to inform you of your surroundings.  Without the imposing (and sometimes inaccurate)  judgments of your brain, you are more likely to actually experience a profounder and more precise clarity.

Gemini of the week: Dizzy Reed

Sometimes its best and also wiser to let people learn certain things on their own, even if/when it means they will experience some harder times than you would prefer to watch them go through.  Not only will your non participation assist more effectively in other's awareness, it will also free up a lot of your own precious time, crabs, providing space to daydream, study, re-decorate, go dancing, etc. etc etc.

Cancer of the week: the end of WW I

The bossy bull demands the very best of the Lordly lion.  Here's a few suggestions:  Use your romantic side to sow seeds of togetherness where there is strife.  Let comedy relieve the tension.  Extend warm hands in a gesture of friendship, exhbiting your strength and confidence.   Be courageous in the face of challenge.  Stand unflinchingly, without compromising your integrity, intelligence, or sense of humor.

Leo of the week: first Soap Box Derby

To behold a certain beauty and unearth a specifc truth, use your famous eye for detail, virg.  Let your discriminatory senses decipher their precise locations.  Imagine you are the captain of a large vessel on a vast sea, seeking the exact coordinates of a buried treasure, which will require as much faith as concentration, both endurance and focus to spy.

Virgo of the week: Clara Schumann

There is an entirely other way of seeing things, scales.  As you struggle to relinquish the absolute certainty of your past point of view, the cosmos suggests that you consider the benefits to the other side.  For starters, you can take a break from thinking so much (AHHHH...).  Next, you may actually have more fun if you attempt to integrate this perspective. (yipeee!)  Last but not least, by meeting another halfway, you not only gain a better solution, but also a ton of personal support (yes!)

Libra of the week: Summer Welles

The season of your opposite sign of taurus is never exactly easy for you scorpions.  But the omens are always the same regarding the challenge, insisting that it is worth the painstaking effort it might require to face the music.  The more you rise to the occassion, the greater the growth spurt.  So instead of skipping out, tune further in.  The result is bound to be healing, even if radical and riotous.

Scorpio of the week: Myles Heskett

This week the path will lead you to a place that only you could comfortably call home, archers.  After you pass through a narrow clearing, the road shall open upon a sparkling scene: lively, color-filled, electric, and with a diversity of life forms, activities and dimensions.  There is plenty of room to openly wander, ponder, and dance with the natives.

Sagittauius of the week: Kenneth Branagh

Clear the cobwebs from all corners, cap.  Don't let the dust linger any further.  Feng Shui is key to happy, harmonious, honest living.  Take out all trash, literal and metaphorical this week.  Clean the closets of your home, inner and outer.  Wipe away all that is no longer useful, and trim the weeds which are obstructing both your vision and personal expression.

Capricorn of the week: SPIRIT, a Nasa Mars rover, lands successfully on MARS

Someone believes in you, water bearers.  Do you know who?  If not, this is an excellent time to find out.  To get into the habit of accepting both the love and strength of true friendship, you are advised to practice with the everyday world.  Bathe freely in the sunlight.  Walk barefoot in the rain.  Roll around frequently in the dirt. Roll down your windows and be blasted by the winds of change. 

Aquarius of the week: Juliette Greco

If there were ever a good time to get riled up, it would be now Pisces.  Let the passion get the better of you this week, bubbling out and over into the community at large.  Don't hold back.  The heat that pulsates through you is only meant to trigger the psychic, emotional, and physical equilibrium you are instinctively seeking.

Pisces of the week: George Pullman