Week of May 2, 2011

Come forward with your feelings, even in all their might.  Though the sensations you experience be new and strong, they aren't working against you.  The more you embrace the burgeoning emotions, the less of a chance they will have to haunt or taunt you and the more of an opportunity there could be for them to illuminate and rejuvenate you.

Aries of the Week: Barbara Kingsolver

Now is an excellent time to pursue your inclinations, right in the moment you are having them, bulls.  Follow the direction that a random idea leads you in, despite the foreign flavor of the road.  Stay on the greener path, which is potent with the promise of an ancient dream coming true-AT LAST.

Taurus of the Week: Megan Fox

I've never been one to jump when/where/how high I'm told to.    Like you, I've always marched to the beat of my own drum, or shall I say, to the rhythm of the stars themselves.  Twins, me and you are just the same in the way that we are always and only following the higher COSMIC command (s).

Gemini of the Week: the first Venus transit in Modern History

It will be necessary this week to leave certain doors closed, crabs.  Let curiosity subside.  All that lies beyond those tantalizing borders is further delay.  Just keep pirouetting and prancing in your individually poignant poses.  Such grace will lead you towards open, fertile fields of love and light.

Cancer of the Week: Jane Goodall arrives at the Gombe River Preserve to begin study of Chimpanzees

With calm certainty, assert thy self, cats.   Maintain focus as you exorcise the chaos, confusion, and calamity.  Be unyielding in your ruthless determination but also undisturbed.  Move right through by just the sheer force and pure wisdom of your being.

Leo of the Week: re-opening of the statue of liberty

According to the astral records, you've spent plenty of time cultivating the propserity of neighbors, friends, and family.  Therefore the next time a magic genie shows up to grant you a favor, be selfisher than usual.  Wish something for you.  Make it all about  your very own personal needs. 

Virgo of the Week: Disneyland @ Hong Kong

Maintain your posture, despite the pressure or the heat.  With patience and poise, stay in the game.  That's how you'll be able to receive certain vital resources as well as distribute them.    Later on you can figure out how to include what fresh strength, news, and inspiration you'll gather, all in due time. 

Libra of the Week: first image of a live giant squid in its own habitat

Rejoice, scorpio.  True love has returned to you, and can be seen and heard: everywhere!  The eyes of endearment are upon you and gazing directly into your own face.  Instead of taking a step back  or lashing out, lean in and meet the acquaintance of all admirers.  Dance freely with them, laughing until your sides split open in joy.  There is no need to further analyze... Just engage in the celebration.

Scorpio of the Week: Susan Tedeschi

Simply trust that the cosmos will assist you in whatever attempt you make to shine light upon the darkness, archers.  Anytime you display a sign of such bravery, the stars will align themselves in your favor.  Test out the theory this week.  Experiment with the notion that you are fully supported in your endeavor to liberate and stimulate.

Sagittarius of the Week: Dartmouth College

Be chained to your sentiment, goats.  If a threat should appear, there's no need to go to battle per se.  Go not into the mouth of the hungry lion.  Instead hang back in your own well fortified quarters: singing steadily your own sweet lullaby.  It isn't necessary that you sacrifice or even defend your best intentions.  But it might be more important than ever to commit yourself entirely to those.

Capricorn of the Week: Lisa Lisa

As you open the door to your heart this week, there is bound to be some turbulence.  But there is also guaranteed to be a release from a certain prison you are overly tired of living in.  Thus you are advised not to resist the forceful knock at your door.  It'd be best to grant its entry, even if it threatens to tear down certain protective walls forever more.

Aquarius of the Week: Disney's "PInocchio"

Here lies a fish, floppy and forlorn.  R.I.P.  Tis the season of your personal resurrection and reconstitution, Pisces.  Let the old skin slide off then, along with outdated regimes.  Bury those in the backyard in a simple ceremony of goodbye.  Farewell to past melancholia and despair.  Hello to future journeys, inner clarity, and forward progress. 

Pisces of the Week: My Fair Lady