Week of April 24, 2011

Accepting the challenge is easy enough, rams. But discovering what that actually means will require more concentration. Think this through. Figuring out a more constructive plan will be simpler to do under the earthly influence of the focused taurus. The benefit of thinking long term is huge: this method will prevent all forms of backslipping, sliding, and sloping.

Aries of the week: first US tax supported library

I couldn't be happier to see you, bulls. It's been a whole year, after all, and not to mention Im a scorpio who is in specific need of your coolness. But Im not the ONLY one who digs you. Your popularity is spread all across the globe. It's a thrill and a pleasure to see you again, O beloved mentor of our souls, elegant guide, sexy sage. We look forward to being in your presence the whole month long.

Taurus of the week: Butch Trucks

Your ability to de-activate destructive time bombs may be just as natural as breathing to you, but to the rest of us it's akin to learning a foreign language. So we will need you to spell it out for us, either with words or movements. How, exactly, should we go about the proper letting go of what is no longer necessary/wise/beneficial to carry on, balancing our precision with grace, exerting power but yet retaining pure intention?

Gemini of the week: the NEW DEAL

Where-so-ever you find unrest, show your mercy crabs. Should you come across strife, be a beacon of forgiveness. Let compassion flow from your innards without restraint. Shower all friends, lovers, and brothers with beauty. Inspire the masses with charm. Thats the most and the best you could ever offer right now.

Cancer of the week: Chevy Corvette

Give to others what you are asking for, cats. Practice what you preach. Do what favors you want done in return. Not only does the tactic pay your karma forward, but it also allows you to fully participate in/with/among the rest of humanity. It's a good time to touch base in that way, fire cats. Such partnership will just provide a deeper sense of support in all your most hopeful endeavors.

Leo of the week: Kool Moe Dee

Signs of your victory are imminent, virg. Everywhere I look the writing is on the wall. Take some time this week to consider what your "success" means to you, how you'd prefer to handle that, enjoy it, and distribute the wealth among certain followers. Then relax and accept the accolades, the perks, the sensation, and the glory...

Virgo of the week: James McCartney

Be extra bold, large hearted and humorous this week scales. That way your point is better translated, and you stay connected to the sources of support that are mutually beneficial. Go out of your way to exhibit your strength, demonstrate your ideas, and display your brilliance. Do it all with a giant level of enthusiasm. That will increase the chance that you are well understood.

Libra of the week: Gerard Smith

Your faith is both firm AND electric, scorp. You are a dynamic, and highly enlightenened being. But you also posess an absolute knowledge of the eternal truth of a shining hereafter, which burns on and on and on. Thats how come you don't waste time worrying or engaging in futile battles, and why you can be usually be found in some state of profound reverie.

Scorpio of the week: Corin Tucker

Get funky, archers. Shake it till you make it. Show your fanciest footwork, intricatest twirls, slickest slides, and all in perfect time to the beat. You are famously fresh, and as the spring catches a fire, so will you. Don't fight the force that rises within. Instead let it lead you to foreign land, novel opportunity, joyful moments, ecstatic nights, and groovy afternoons.

Sagittarius of the week: the first atmosphere discovered on extrasolar planet

What are the colors of the world you live in, goats? Should you add some flavor to your palette? Now is a good time to spruce up your environment. Spring's just around your corner, awaiting a super sparkling entry. Welcome its gliterred self into your home. By any means available, communicate a willingness to clarify your space, brighten its quarters, make living more lucid.

Capricorn of the week: Ronnie Van Zant

What if for every point you made, some person, thing, presented an equally valid counterpoint, water bearers? Be prepared for something along these lines to happen this week. If at first you are resistant, try, try again. Eventually you will come to realize that such perpspective only works to enhance your sense of possibility, enrich your awareness, expand your horizons, and exponentiate your experiences.

Aquarius of the week: Micheal Mann

It is said that the highest form of happiness is to be independent, a universal friend to self and one's own connesieur of art and life. That certainly holds true for you fish, especially this week. Your own sense of contentment will be in direct proportion to the quality of your relationship with yours truly. Nothing but an inner sense of value, worth, opinion, and capability will provide peace, cause elatedness, and permit harmony with the rest of the galaxy.

Pisces of the week: Kepler Space Observatory