Week of April 17, 2011

Can you be as conscious as you are forthright, rams? Is it possible to express directly, but with love in your heart, the way that you are feeling? The omens predict that now is an ideal time to blend attitude with integrity, respectfullly enthusiastic, adventurous yet considerate, intimate but playful, both fearless and precise in your attempt to resolve issues and rise to challenges.

Aries of the week: Dolores Huerta

Your gifts are unlimited, wise, and universal. So spread the wealth. And don't think twice about making your best offer. If that doesn't translate your efforts, up the anti. The alignment of planets is such that you can currently afford to take such heartfelt risks. With all the marvelous mellow you posess, make a display of your intentions, a clear and colossal but ever tranquil communication.

Taurus of the week: Dave Gahan

You are even smarter than you look, twins, which is hard to believe since you already appear so devastatingly intelligent. The truth is that no one could ever accurately guess how brilliant, clever, and clear minded you are. This week you'll do the whole world a favor and share a few of your best tricks. Teach other, less astute learners how to play they cards just right-something you are an absolute expert in.

Gemini of the week: Chubb Rock

Let your imagination soar, crabs. Indulge in your sweetest fantasies, for starters. Your daydreaming can only exist if you allow it to. May the desire that lies within you become ignited this week, eventually causing the fire to spill out and over into your environment, sweeping up your life in a frenzy of high hopes and fierce wishes.

Cancer of the week: Billy Crudup

Let ALL the walls come tumbling down, cats. This week your universe will shift, and I advise you not to resist the change. It's just what you've been asking for from the world. With your absolute permission, your wish (es) may be fully granted, which in turn speeds up your ability to make not only magnificent but effective moves towards the up and coming fantastic future.

Leo of the week: Maggie Kuhn

I know how you love a good, healthy task to keep you busy, virg. I have just the perfect one for you this week. In especial recognition of the warrior season, find a way to make peace with all enemies, inner and outer. HINT: it might be necessary to sacrifice criticism, crucial to rest in the silent spaces, and essential to suspend judgment for the sake of learning more and gaining the trust and alliance of others.

Virgo of the week: Devendra Banhart's "Cripple Crow"

To celebrate the full moon in your sign this coming weekend, why not give and also get all the joy that you deserve? First just muse on the notion that the universe has such total ecstasy to offer you and you also have every bit of magic inside of YOU. Trust the fact that all are entitled to such romance, glory, and alive-ness. Even if you only get so far as to believe it is entirely possible this week, you'll already be way ahead of the game.

Libra of the week: Toni Braxton

You're slicker than most, right? That's what the word on the street is. Whenver I ask around about you, there is a ubiquitous agreement that you not only know hot to kick it, but that you're good at getting what you want. So don't be surprised if that happens this week. Your chilled out demeanor but firmly set intentions have managed to land you a massive opportunity, which is soon to reveal its awesome self.

Scorpio of the week: Naomi Wolf

Come in peace, even if/when other suckers try to front. Don't let anyone/thing deprive you of the superb time you are meant to have, archers. It isn't required that you travel the naysayers road. That just doesn't suit your style. Your not a victim of other people's blues, ambitions, or ridicule. You live life on your own brighter terms, without even a second wonder.

Sagittarius of the week: "London Calling"

Where others are blind, you will see. To maintain such clarity, don't expect their sudden vision. After enough time passes, they may be able to discern on their own, and they might not. This week, don't let those standards interfere with your own ability to look on. Gaze deeply and at length in the direction of your choosing, goats, without extra cause, explanation, or concern.

Capricorn of the week: African National Congress

The *best way to get what you're after this week is by showing your love, water bearer. The chances are that if you are honest, you will receive such whole heartedness in return. Try not to think too much about what you will do. Instead just sail through the moments, staying in tune with the changing of the tides, i.e. the undulating rhythms of the universe, inner and outer.

Aquarius of the week: Kelly Rowland

You won't need to look too far in any direction to see the truth, fish. It's staring you in the face this week, sitting in your lap, brushing up against your thigh. Give in to the pressure and be swallowed by all the
"attention". Whatever you do, don't panic. You are just in the presence of an absolute and perfect love which is personal to you alone.

Pisces of the week: Rosie Stone