Week of April 9, 2011

Don't be caught between a rock and a hard place, rams. That can be easily avoided this week, as long as you heed the flashing signs in the road which are suggesting you choose the smoother route. Would it help if I reminded you that it wasn't necessary for you to prove your prowess, skill, and/or bravery by escaping a deadly trap? You will still have to show your strength, even by traveling a less treacherous, but also UN- irksome route.

Aries of the week: James Franco

Puzzled, bulls? Do your best this week to hang with contradictory ideas and seemingly non-sensical behaviors. There are specific truths embedded in the dissonance, which are most easily uncovered by simply hanging out, playing around, and laying low. The closer you draw to the heart of the matter, the less confused you be. The more intimately you are intertwined, the more lucid the playing field will get.

Taurus of the week: Greek Independence

Half ass admissions, and partial hearted sincerity just won't cut it this week, twins. To be granted entry to the door of your particular choosing, you are advised to be forthright, unabashed, genuine, and direct in your words and actions. The omens indicate that you've been preparing for this type of commuication for YEARS now. As surreal as it seems, the time has thus come to reveal what solid sense of self you've been cultivating, and the precise clarity of heart/mind that comes along with that territory.

Gemini of the week: Roy Innis

Vision as well as visitors are abundant this week crabs, so be available. Instead of drawing your curtains closed, leave them wide open- to communicate your willingness to interact. Don't play hard to get. The truth is, you can't wait to see your friends and lovers- new and old. You are overly eager to share secrets, laughs, plans, and (in certain cases) hugs and kisses...

Cancer of the week: Tanya Donnelly

Wait until you get ALL the facts, lions. That may take a while, but when it comes to solving mysteries, you, like all cats, have an eerie ability to withstand the pressure. Don't call it quits, then, until your instincts agree that there are no more clues to consider. Using your killer sense of smell, finely tuned reflexes, and graceful maneuvering, locate the various source(s).

Leo of the week: Liberia

Don't let your frustration get the best or even the better of you this week, virg. Instead, let it act as guide, leading you towards inspiration, fulfillment, understanding, and ultimately decison making. Let the fire that rises from within become your personal herald/ saving grace/ intimate companion/ powerful advocate/winged vehicle of transportation and transformation.

Virgo of the week: Francesco Casagrande

Consider the metaphor which consistently speaks to you, scales. Before you decide upon what it signfies though, let the story finish itself. The cosmos has more to tell you regarding the tale you already know so well, detail which could alter your perception, and expand your awareness of the past, present, and future entirely. To ensure such complete-ness, let there be even more extra spaces of silence, just to be sure and leave plenty of room for revelation.

Libra of the week: Zach Galifinakis

Be uncompromising in your attempt to be totally true to what you know, yet overly willing to expound on your platform to those ears that are authentically interested in listening. To know the difference and make such distinction with ease, stay alert and alive, scorp. Rest your head only when you're sleeping. For the remainder of the time be present, responding to energy in the moment it transpires, without ANY delay.

Scorpio of the week: Grateful Dead's "American Beauty"

Don't be surprised if you find yourself walking down certain roads which you know you've traveled before, but which you now relate to in a novel way. Your fresh point of view has everything to do with what growth and progress has taken place over the recent months. Archer, this is just a message to assure you that such a switch in state of being is not without benefit. Stick with the change. Eventually the scenery will catch up to you- reflecting the spiritual shift right back atcha.

Sagittauius of the week: Ben Goldwasser

In certain cases, it will be crucial to let things slide, while in other situations a stricter approach will be essential to making your point. Use your wisest judgment, goats. Rely on your practical, surefooted sense to determine which response is appropriate to what scenario. Above all, do not hesitate to employ either tactic, switching back and forth at your own personal discretion.

Capricorn of the week: Bernard Sumer

There are many ways that the universe could grant your wishes, water bearer. However, the omens advise you to know that your delight will probably be experienced in an a-typical manner, coming from an unexpected place, and in an unimaginable form this week. To make this more possible, just keep your door, i..e. mind open to the idea that a party COULD just spontaneously happen naturally, without any further efforts or requests on your part...

Aquarius of the week: Kelly Slater

With clear headed compassion, using an approach that is unconventional yet socially aware, strive towards your goals and ideals. Employ your top skills this week, fish, so that you may continue to swim in, out, over and around. Let flexibility permit travel, swiftness maintain mobility, and an openly engaging attitude increase enjoyment.

Pisces of the week: Compact Disc