Week of March 18, 2011

Sit still, seeking shelter and quietude...Resting your mind/body is also a way to regather strength, restore awareness, recover confidence and re-determine your sense of personal direction.  Let the entry into your sign be a slow, exaggerated process, so that you can milk the return of your potentest self for all its totally worth.

Aries of the week: Spencer Dryden

Re-education can be a challenging course of action for adults, and doubly difficult for you legendarily loyal bulls.  Being open to learning something new, however, is no longer simply recommended but required for your future growth, happiness, and health.  Let the universe speak openly to you, then- teaching you a frank approach-one that involves less of you carrying "heavy loads", for starters.

Taurus of the week: Sid Viscious

My crystal ball reveals a flying partner-one who is also winged and just as studly but more stubborn.  While you soar to the highest heights, this cruiser lays low, acting as an anchor.  With this type of co-pilot, you may :drop down and take a snooze when you are feeling weary, inherit a solid sense of security to go along with your vision questing, and gain a deeper perspective of the skies altogether.

Gemini of the week: Anastasia

To get to where you need to "be", crabs, just be willing to travel.  As opposed to forcing your way down closed roads, move along to wide open ones which are more than happy to accomodate your departure, and facilitate your needs along the way.  This week of the *cusp* is the perfect time to set out as certain dynamic energies will now be overly available.

Cancer of the week: Stewart Copeland

Your  eagerness for a new regime is constant and tends to consistently over-ride all debbie downers along the way.  Your death defying strategies have always managed to overcome the "pitfalls" of existence.  So keep trucking LEO, electrifying the path with your sun-lit vibrations.

Leo of the week: David Duchovny

Hold not thy tongue.  Accept not a single penny less than what you are worth.  Let no foul play go by unprotested, Virg.  Do your dance.  Exhibit your talents.  Shake your groove thing, back and forth until you  almost pass out where you are standing.  Be relentless in your attempt to demonstrate your exquisite/specific point of view.

Virgo of the week: Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts

Don't lift a theoretical finger this week.  Let the drama pass by and around you while you go serenely about your business.  With a quiet determination, refuse the battle.  Consider the gesture to be the start of a promise to opt for peace and lightheartedness and against entering into violent "storms."

Libra of the week: Michael Collins

Your dilligence and dedication are paying off scorp.  The signs of this are now everywhere.  What sheer inspiration you poured into various "projects" are beginning to sprout.  Continue to ignite the fire of the seeds you planted by the light  of your flaming love.  Let a celebration thus commence in the first week of singing spring.

Scorpio of the week: Isamu Noguchi

Consider what "apples" to taste, and which to leave on the tree, archers.  Some of those fruits do offer their stength, love, truth, and power while others could drain your life force, exhaust your spirit, deplete your mind, etc.  The proper choosing therefore makes all the difference.  Use your keen instinct, personal experience, and enlightened perspective to locate sources of authentic nourishment.

Sagittarius of the week: Brian Bell

Don't expect anyone else to do what you can clearly accomplish on your own.  Similarly, don't wait for someone else to speak on your behalf.  Take charge of your lifescape goats.  Notice how destiny seems to then tilt easily in your favor, as if that was all the universe ever wanted out of you...

Capricorn of the week: Tom Rowlands

Give yourself a round of applause, water bearers.  Take the time to appreciate all you daily do, notice what you have achieved, and admire what efforts you constantly make.  Considering your accomplishments proivides proof of what you are capable of facilitating in life, if given the CHANCE.

Aquarius of the week: Heather Graham

Eat from your own table for a change, fish.  Feast for yourself on what you typically feed to others.  Ingest the support/ nourishment that is always available to the masses.  RE-learn about the sustenance of your own fruits, remembering that it's up to you to take what you need, how much, and when.

Pisces of the week: Billy Baldwin