Week of March 11, 2011

To attempt to first GIVE whatever love, TLC, open-mindedness, etc that you wish to receive is suggested at this time, rams.  Model your ideas by way of your own sincere actions, as if to say:  "You see? Like this...." The alignment of stars just so happens to be in the mood to lend you an extra dose of power as well as grace, so that you can most smoothly but assertively demonstrate what you had in mind...

Aries of the week: Milan Kundera

You are rare among the signs in that you posess just as much "masculine" strength as you do "feminine".  Not only are you unique in that way, bulls, but you also harness  a distinct ability to switch your powers on and off, utilizing them when they are most necessary to your success.  This week, you will need to be especially agile in the handling of your skills, cognizant of when it'd be best to administer pressure and when it's a good time to let things be.

Taurus of the week: Adele

The omens predict that the best course of action lies somewhere in between Batman and the Joker, twins.  Heroic sentiment tempered with the mind of a riddler.  Societal disregard minus the sinister twist.  An altrusitic attitude that is also sly and unconventional.  To cleverly inspire others to go beyond the limits of what they believe they can/can't do by bravely manuevering the construction of your most intricate design. 

Gemini of the week: John Roebling 

Ram Dass, a modern new age-ist, asserts that "If you keep growing spiritually, you can get so you can live on light alone."  The idea is particularly relevant to the inner landscape of your own life, crabs.  As long as you continue to boycott the ingestation of toxins, nourishing rays will become increasingly available.  I advise you to outright demand that strict diet, just to make the intention perfectly, abundantly clear.

Cancer of the week: Black Uhuru

Let your "art" be not merely a distraction or commercial investment, but a sublime responsibility which pushes you and others to the limits of perception, igniting powerful currents of magic, inciting the fresh vibrations of modernity, inciting the timeless rhythm of mysticism.

Leo of the week: Bill Berry

Virg, CHOOSE what you will apply your energy to, what you will and won't spend time worrying about, and how/when/in what way you will mentally vacate.  Practice opting for your joys, as well as your labors this week, if not solely just to demonstrate to self that in order to make it go your way/fill your dreams, you must take this type of control.

Virgo of the week: Xzibit

Express thy love not in words, but in deeds, scales.  Exhibit your praise via direct worship.  Display your respect by way of bold and consistent action.  Communicate  your deep and elegant truths in DOING, eliminating heresay and re-establishing trust.

Libra of the week: Amiri Baraka

Make Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, your totem this week Scorp.  Known as the most generous and among us, it generates more radiation than it receives from the sun.  It thrives on variety, as it is always seeking to expand to its ultimate limits.  It loves to travel and is most alive in exotic situations.  It believes the process of learning to be an erotic one, which it prefers to teach through storytelling, ritual, games, and theater.

Scorpio of the week: The Times of India

According to Aleister Crowley, famed esotericist, "Partial surrender of an imperfect will is of no account in magic".  Similarly, archers, neither half heartedness nor uncertainty will suffice this week.  On that note, your powers will be easier to access once you cease to expect anything in return. Assert your ideas/passion just for the sake of it, sag, without wondering or worrying about what reaction you do/don't get.

Sagittarius of the week: Fred Armison

Revealing what YOU know can be challenging, cap.  I agree.  But that's no excuse not to try.  It is crucial to impart your wisdom, even if it's slow like honey at first.  Let it drip then.  Even one drop of such potent stuff is worth the wait.  You are advised not to give up, goats, regardless of how steep the climb.  Let patience, faith, and posture assist in the relinquishment of your treasures.

Capricorn of the week: Steve Soderbergh

Who are your role models, water bearers?  Let the things you love and respect most about them act as a blueprint for your own behavior in the coming week.  What is it about their style that you most appreciate, find helpful, beautiful, and illuminating?  Consider the details, while attempting to emulate certain qualities. 

Aquarius of the week: Bridget Fonda

Travelers in the Himalayas always make sure they don't get in the way of the five sisters of Good Fortune, mountain nymphs who will either help you on your way or cause difficulty for those who don't please them for any reason.  I thought you should know that not only are you favored by the entities on your path, but they are actually so infatutated with your being that they are willing to go above and beyond what they would normally do, just especially for you, loving friend of the universe.

Pisces of the week: Aaron Eckhart