Week of March 4, 2011

Have you lost that loving feeling?  Or has someone near and dear to you had a sudden change of heart?  Either way, this could be an excellent opportunity to hone your powers to trust, be flexible, retain confidence and stay aware.  The less resistant you are to the "transformation", the easier it'll be to tap into the aforementioned abilities, which I'm suggesting might more swiftly become accessible once you first CHOOSE to accept the situational shift.

Aries of the week: Paul Sorvino

The "message" won't necessarily be spelled out in the language you typically use to outwardly converse with others, but certain truths will be glaringly obvious in those less wordy systems of sounds and symbols.  Let your innate senses slowly decode the meaning of things.  If at first you are unable to form any clear or cohesive structure from such spontaneous thoughts, musings, or mirages, no worries.  That's not really the point, bulls.  Rather, this is just a way of seeing, interacting, and understanding in a different, but equally translateable way.

Taurus of the week: Jonsi Por Birgisson

I had a most specific vision this week twins, regarding your "future".  I dreamt you were a puppet, sort of like Pinocchio.  Only, you came equipped with a pair of scissors, which were somewhere dangling in your pocket.  You used those to cut the strings that were pulling you.  That action set not only you but also the pupeteer totally free, breaking a certain spell which was keeping you apart from each other, as well as the rest of the world.  You then joined one another in a jubilant embrace, both looking forward to what possibilities now lay ahead.

Gemini of the week: V.C. Andrews

The choice is yours this week, crabs.  You can either let the wolf in the door or not.  You can also wait for the prince/princess charming, or leave a note saying where you will be if he/she happens to drop by.  Or you can do none of the above and just see what happens, on a moment to moment basis.  No matter what, the omens portend a distinct type of adventure lurking in every corner.  Happy hunting.  May the best times find you, and you them.

Cancer of the week: Myles Horton

Who is it you MOST want to get together with, either for a laugh, a dance, a snuggle, a good conversation, or a jog by the river?...  Before you seek the resources, ponder the truest answers to those particular  questions, cats.  The fates suggest that it has been a little while since you've taken the opportunity to either consider or seek to fill your most authentic needs.  Do you agree?

Leo of the week: Appolonia

Follow through on your wishes, virg.  It's only fair to you and everyone else that you at least make the effort to see your ideas to their end.  However, I thought you should know that it might be easier to pull that off once you stop giving your time and energy to those things you are only half excited about.  Not only is it POSSIBLE to create more of what space is needed in your life to carry out your individual mission, it's also one hundred perecent NECESSARY.

Virgo of the week: Benjamin Orr

Take your off beat ideas to the main road, scales.  Destiny calls for such action, not just as a way of succeeding but as a symbol of your unabashed committment to bringing your inventions into the greater, wider, open.  Once there you will see that it's not as rough as you thought, that there is even a crew to welcome you, offer some travel tips, and share a cup of tea with.  So you see:  There is no need to fear the forum.  .

Libra of the week: Dewey Martin

I see you curled up on the lap of the one you love, and vice versa, scorp.  I get the feeling that you could stay that way forever, and it's understandable.  I think you should, anyway.  It's been a while since you've totally given in to the pleasure of intimacy, friendship, love, and affection.  I advise you to therefore remain in any overly juicy situations for as long as you can get away with this week. 

Scorpio of the week: Tommy Thayer

Let's try this again, archers.  Imagine you've been given a chance to re-write a certain ending to your life.  How would it go?  Since there is currently a certain hoop in the cosmos through which you may now jump, it is worth your imagination.  Also, because you now have a fresher perspective, a newer insight, and a deeper knowledge, the resolution could be even brighter and wiser than what you previously thought .

Sagittarius of the week: Sharin Foo

Make no false moves, goats.  In the recent months, certain inevitable opinions of yours have come to form.  This week you will have the support of the entire universe in making those fully known.  Not that you would need that much extra cajoling...It's pretty clear that you're overly ready to stand for what you most believe in, certain of the reasons behind it, and prepared to defend and protect its vital points.

Capricorn of the week: John Doss Passos

Get rid of your charity case, water bearer.  Once you do that, the whole world will magically open up, fogs of depression will miraculously lift, and visions of splendor will suddenly become abundant.  Once you release the baggage of this long standing (and now un-necessary) burden, its shadow will no longer obstruct your vision or motion.  You will see clearly and spring forward-no pun intended.

Aquarius of the week: Mary Leakey

Remember back in the day when things were so simple?  In some ways, they still are.  Only now, you've got sharper tools, a more accurate sense of self, a less worrisome attitude, and an even groovier style.  You haven't lost any mojo, fish.  In fact, you've only consistently gained coolness as time ticks on by.  Whatever was can be so again, probably sooner than you think, because you are lately so rapidly shedding yourself of doubt.

Pisces of the week: the Olympic Theater is inaugurated in Vincenza