Week of February 25, 2011

Do as you wish, rams.   To trust the impulse you are daily receiving is to alleviate otherwise monotonous "suffering."  To start things off, be totally honest about what you want.  Instead of ignoring the desire that is incessantly pumping through your veins, consider its request.  See if you can meet its needs in a hazard-less way, and if doing so does not provide immediate relief. 

Aries of the Week: The Great Gatsby

Get straight to the point this week, bulls.  Skip the soothing half truths and just tell it how it exactly is.  Any further delay will just add to confusion!  Be specific about what type of change you wish to occur.  Know that the only thing which could possibly defeat you now is your silence.  To obtain the victory you deserve, speak up, letting your voice echo loudly enough to break the sound (and all other) barriers.

Taurus of the Week: Washington, D.C.

The stars suggest you are in need of travel, twins, to a bright and far out place that reminds you of what is still possible in life, even after all the variety of experiences you have already so far had.  May you adventure somewhere warm and rich, inviting and opportunity filled, as to stimulate your interest as well as nourish your sense of hope, security, and well being.

Gemini of the Week: first meeting of the Irish Parliament

Stay awake, cancer.  Soon it will be your turn to drive.  Don't be tricked/trapped in the meantime, before you get the chance to take the wheel and cruise onward.  The option to steer forward in the direction you've been envisioning will be riper than ever in the week to come.  Seize the moment.

Cancer of the Week: Diogo Cao finds the mouth of the Congo River

Tighten the reigns if/when you must, lions.  With neither regret nor rage, point yourself and those you lead towards the light.  As you and I venture nearer to the lucid fires of existence, we shall remember what we need to, be inspired in what ways are most natural, and draw closer to one another in the manner we are destined for.

Leo of the Week: Annie Oakley

These are the days of miracles.  Though the sight and sounds of it all may overwhelm you at first, virg, keep your heart wide open to experience the abundance that is now directly in your midst.  As those flowers come to bloom, maintain your patient position, since it IS, after all,  the main reason these lovely fruits have come to bear...

Virgo of the Week: Dutch law gives same sex couples the right to marry and adopt children

To get to the next destination/ level/ realm of discourse, spend the week as meticulous as a mouse, pouring over the details.  Thats how best you can become privy to the SPECIFIC revelation of what fresh path lies before you.  That glistening road is not going anywhere for the moment.  You may therefore take all the time you need to gather information, strength, and solace before you go forth.   

Libra of the Week: Ginuwine

This week calls for a compromise, scorp.  Specifically, you may be asked to surrender some of your most prized posessions, favorite habits, etc, in exchange for a little rejuvenation.  To determine what trades to actually make, enter into daily meditation.  Be truthful with yourself in that open space about what/who is lending to your growth and which of those is obstructing it....

Scorpio of the Week: National Organization for Women

Show your face, archers.  Reveal, in the first exciting moments of spring, what's been happening on the inside.  Release the sentiments, surprises, and secrets you've been storing up for the winter, starting now.  Notice the liberating effect it has on not only those you happen to grace with such divine insight and inspiration, but as well the sweet, intoxicating, satisfying feelings it causes within.

Sagittarius of the Week: Chanel Iman

A bright, new day is dawning, goats.  So finish up what you're doing inside, and come out to glimpse the horizon, which is as scenic as it is enlightening.  While you open your eyes to take in the beauty of the landscape, may you also open your ears to hear the wisdom of it's message, inhaling the crisp freshness of the crystal clear morning air.

Capricorn of the Week: treaty of Versailles

Whatever is happening, record it, water bearers.  Include the whole story, complete with highs and lows.  Each moment is unique and jam packed with beauty, poise, and truth.  From your most ordinary experience to your most dramatic, find a way to immortalize it.  That way you can continue to learn from, enjoy, and marvel at the flora and the fauna of this intriguing time.

Aquarius of the Week: the Virginia Minstrels

Certain mountains must be climbed, fish.  Why put off till tomorrow what you are more than capable of accomplishing right now?  The fates agree that there is no reason to wait any longer.  Not only do you posess what skills are most required to pull it off, but as well the cosmic forces are currently so aligned as to assist in a smooth and unturbulent ascent.

Pisces of the Week: Chris Tomson