Week of February 18, 2011

Forgiveness not only liberates the other, but just as importantly, YOU, rams.  As soon as you let go of your grievances, you graduate from what suffering, stress, and irritation those were once causing.  Take the advice of the stars this week by spending no time/energy on persecuting your wrongdoers.  Just move on to riper, more nourishing pastures.

Aries of the week: "Just the Ten of Us"

All in favor of a new routine say YAAAAAAA.  That idea specifically applies to your life, taurus.  Cut out all the bull-ogna this week, k?  Skip tradition just for its own sake.  Come up with something new, which is more representative of your current state of mind, heart, and soul.  Let your dogma slip away from your hands like a winter sweater in the spring. which is no longer required to keep you warm.

Taurus of the week: California legalizes same sex marriage

Before you can prevail against, skirt around, or triumph over your "enemy", twins, you must first fully know them.  So hit the books, gemin-eye.  Don't stop your studying until you get it.  Research your opponent until your understanding is comprehensive.  Then your victory will be smoother/more likely.

Gemini of the week: Jewel

Surprise others with your compassion, restraint, and generosity, crabs.  Prove just how wise, caring, and omniscent your heart is in the face of wild and stormy rhythms.  Navigate yourself gently but firmly past the squalor this week, cancer.  Stick to your guns while adapting past the road blocks.  Use your killer instinct to determine the proper timing of such meticulous moves. 

Cancer of the week: Gregory Isaaks

Seek not petty revenge, cats, but the creative rebuilding of a nation.  Disengage from the everyday battle.  Take your energy elsewhere, to those people and ideas which need your light to grow.  Shower the dark corners with your warmth and encouragement.  Let your solar power lend life to the folks and fantasies you fancy most.

Leo of the week: Soleil Moon Frye

As the leader, it is your job to LEAD.  Don't overthink that task too much though virg.  You're just doing what you always do, only with an audience.  Your methods haven't changed, but your popularity is growing.    It's best if you pay no attention to such pressure and just get on with your business as usual.  Your ways are constant as ever, despite the fact that it's now time to impart them.  Let budding ears lean in close to hear about your secret tricks. 

Virgo of the week: "Tiny Toons"

It's never too early for spring cleaning in my book, scales.  This year, the fates suggest you rid yourself first and foremost of those cycles which no longer serve you, and are destructive or self defeating.  Do whatever you must to put an end to these patterns, ruthlessly pulling such weeds from the roots, tossing them out of your life without a second look.    Keep at it until your environment has been totally purified of such toxins.

Libra of the week: Kirk Cameron

The full moon in bold and daring Leo is just the right time to re-create your space, re-state your terms, and re-claim your powers. Exorcise with a  fury those energies you no longer wish to nourish scorpion.  Let what fiery rage rises within you swallow that truth whole as a lion,  inspiring you to spit out the parts you no longer desire and relish in the deliciousness that remains after you cut out all the excess fat...

Scorpio of the week: Keith Urban

Imagine you've been invited to have a private discussion with someone you deeply admire, archers.  What an honor... Not only will you be directly recognized for all the accomplishments you have so far made, but you will also be given crucial tips on how to go about fostering your continued success.  Be open to earthly rewards as well as divine insight sag.  Both are on the horizon.

Sagittarius of the week: Janelle Mon'ae

How exactly can we inspire ourselves as well as others towards greatness?  What type of change must we demand?  What sacrifices must be made?  Which doors must be shut so that others may spring open wtih possibilites?  Begin to consider such questions this week, billy goats.  It's worth the philosophical effort.  As you muse, let your mind fully wander, without caution or suspicion.  That's how best you'll discover the most authenticest of answers.

Capricorn of the week: Kiefer Sutherland

How do you keep on standing when all you want to do is lie down?  And vice versa? Let the solution come by way of your own genuine exploration, water bearer.  Test your mental, emotional, creative, and physical limits this week, going past all the normal boundaries you have politely set up for yourself.  Just beyond those margins is a solid nugget of hope and truth,  waiting for you to transverse all barriers, only to realize that those were, after all, entirely self created!

Aquarius of the week: Nelson Mandela is released from prison

Taking pride in who you are/what you do allows you to expect more for yourself, fish.  So start there.  Own where you come from, what you have/have not, and where you are now.   Raise your flag high enough for yourself to take a good look.  Let it wave in the winds, shaking with the fervent faith of its perfect being.  Let your personal colors ripple out, revealing the full on frenzy, fun, and fantasmagoria of fish-ness.

Pisces of the week: Teena Marie