Week of February 12, 2011

Refuse the voice that says you're not good enough to be in the position you're in, or that you aren't totally worthy of what respect, admiration, accolades and/or perks you are in line to receive.  Hold on tight to the notion that you are instead entirely deserving of such richness.  Be receptive to the sort of treatment you've actually been demanding for a while now.

Aries of the week: Fergie

Trust me, you'll know when you strike a chord.  You'll not only feel it resonate from deep within your bones, you'll also see it spring forth in your mind loosening the shackles that were previously binding it, hear it loud as a trumpet and clear as a bell, brightening and widening your vision, expanding the scope of your ideas, increasing the breadth and height.  What was the element which helped you to birth such a powerful, perfect harmony?  To maintain the results mentioned here, continue to include it in your diet.

Taurus of the week: Bill Kretuzman

Confront your fears, twins.  Reveal them for the tricksters that they are.  Beneath the veneer of formidability, is a baby lamb, who, once you have enough courage to acknolwedge, can act as an ideal ally in your daily affairs.  The idea that she was anything to be afraid of was just a reflection of your own personal lenses, Gem.  Objectively speaking, she's just as sweet as pie, as unthreatening as a daisy, who exists only to make you sparkle and shine even more than you already do.

Gemini of the week: American Idol

When a person is as naturally creative as yourself, there is really no choice but to rise to the occassion.  And just believe me when I tell you that if/when you do, all the stars will twinkle in your honor, the seas will part the ways so that you may come through, the sun will extend its warmest of blessings, and the earth will set your table full of all your favorite foods. 

Cancer of the week: Jeff Beck

Pre-visualize your success, cats.  Paint the picture with as much detail as possible.  What exactly does it look like when things go just the way you want them to?  Consider your dreaming as the best/only way to prepare for upcoming scenarios this week.  Maintain a constant vision of victory, wrapping yourself in its theory like a pungent blanket, with the power to make things go its blissful way.

Leo of the week: Sam Elliot

There aren't many folks in the world who can say they have accomplished what you have, virg.  But there are also few souls as humble as your own.  This week, direct acknowledgement of your own pure, loving devotion coupled with an acceptance of its results  can spin your whole universe on its axis, flip flopping all despair to a festive glory, turning the idea of so called loss upside down and inside out to reveal the true contents of your personal treaure chest, which glows by the light of your labor.

Virgo of the week: Council OF Europe

You've been offered clearance by the powers that be to move directly to the front of the line.  So scoot your way on up there scales.  The forces which beckon you will also not take NO for an answer, so any attempt to refuse their invitation will only be met with a louder request!  Yes, Libra, it's you that is being featured, honored in all your special-ness, revered in all your artistic intelligence.

Libra of the week: Flea

What exactly do you want to say and to whom, scorp?  The alignment of planets is currently such that to openly decelare this would be eerily easy.  Consider your attempt to be so blatantly honest, even with yourself, as an exercise in grace and fortitude.  It takes just as much strength as it does heart to make a potentially devestating, but totally necessary DIRECT impact. 

Scorpio of the week: Einsisheim Meteorite, the oldest known

It will defnitely be a challenge to keep up with the times this week, archers.  First things will speed up, then they'll slow down, and so on and so forth.  And as much as you try you may not seem to be able to pre-determine the rhythm.  Perhaps the universe is playing around with you, just to remind you of the unpredictable nature of the cosmos, which spins out and then in as it wishes, with or without your or anyone else's approval.  I predict that your ability to grasp such a concept could cause an immediate happiness, rekindling your desire to live- wild and free.

Sagittarius of the week: Alice Cooper

Jump right into the pulpit if you've got something so important and pressing to say, goats!  No one will stop you.  Offer what words of wisdom, experience, ingenuity, and faith you've lately been musing on as the secret to both our ordinary and most immortal of goals.  Show us how the afterlife is here and now and that what is present today is just a symbol for what lies beyond.  Tell us the tale about how you went up a mountain only to travel back down again, how you crashed just so that you could re-discover the means to ascend once more.

Capricorn of the week: John Paul Jones

Imagine you're about to meet one of your top idols, someone you've been fantasizing about all of your life.  And now, this very week, you're going to get the chance.  Well, even if it doesn't line up exactly with the person you've been dreaming of, it's going to come pretty close, water bearers.  You will have a chance to bask in the greatness of another's stardom, which may just take the form of an absolutely unexpected "stranger".

Aquarius of the week: David Geffen

We are all collectors of things, fish, whether we know it or not.  This year the astral omens suggest a new hobby for you, one that is just as fun as some of the other interests you've taken up, but which also gives mroe back to you, isn't as hard to find, and leads to other areas of intrigue.  The only catch is that you may have to give up one of your older habits to take part in some new type of FUN.

Pisces of the week: Khaled Hosseini