Week of February 4, 2011

Rams, you need not so much a display from others as you do from yourself.  It isn't so necessary that you test the crowds' skills as it is that you meet your own personal challenges.  Whats crucial is to stay focused on what you feel, know and intuit.  Let those indivudual urges captain your ship, which may, as you take the helm, switch course in direction, speed, and force.  Regardless of the changes, keep hold of the wheel, making turns when/as you see fit.

Aries of the Week: Black Francis

Through the thick overgrowth you shall see clearly, noticing certain things you never did before, bulls. Once you let that awareness seep fully in, the newfound clarity of the atmosphere  is likely to at first shock and rock you.  After certain obscurities have been revealed, laid out in all their obviousness, etc, consider the benefits of the illumination.  How does knowing what you do now work specfically  in your favor?

Taurus of the Week: "Mrs. Dalloway"

Try not to SAY what you've said a million times before, twins.  Anyone can see you're scrambling for time, so spare your breath.  Instead of simply stating the intention over again, act upon it.  Honor your words and follow through on your theories by making a decisive move.  It's t-i-m-e!

Gemini of the Week: "Ill Communication"

Swallow the truth whole, crabs, like the cat who ate the canary.  Only the canary, in this case, is your best friend.  As you gulp it down, the effects are immediately satisfying, nourishing you over time, soothing your worries, silencing your anxieties, reviving your spirit.  Be willing to cut the bullshit, cancer.  The universe will thus willingly oblige you.

Cancer of the Week: Chicago Freedom Movement RALLY, CHICAGO

The astral omens inform me you are in need of another world to which you may escape anytime you please.  Luckily, for you, such a chance will come from any direction this week, bombarding you with the opportunity to get away, let go, and breathe.  Let the skies and stars take care of all the arrangements, cats, which includes entertainment, relaxation, and intrigue, among other things.

Leo of the Week: the peace BRIDGE

Take matters, lovely faces, and curious hearts into your own knowing hands this week, virg.  You are absolutely capable of what grace, wisdom, mercy, and strength is necessary to combine and juggle.  You are a natural at knowing when to press forth and when to pull back.  It's a special talent of yours, to be able to wield such specific, masterful control.

Virgo of the Week: Florence Welch

I know you CAN live without love, but do you HAVE TO, scales?  Let the question swim around in your brain for a while, truly grappling with the dynamics.  In other words, when is it necessary to sustain, and if so for how long and to what degree?  On the other hand, when is the right time to take a big bite out of life, letting the juice pour down your lips and oozing through to the rest of your body, reveling in the delicious-ness of the flavor, indulging in the sweet and savory sauces of life?

Libra of the Week: B'nai B'rith

Whereas most of your last year was spent fumbling around on the ground, searching for a light which never seemed to be within reach, this year heralds an unstoppable you, rising from the dust and muck to sing again, this time with a voice that is ever stronger, purer and wiser.  You carry a new tune which is as sure as it is sanguine, as sweet as it is sublime, as sturdy as it is superb.

Scorpio of the Week: Tatum O'Neal

Who do you trust?  Let them then act as a guide in this strange and new land you have now entered, archers.  That way, you can kick back and enjoy the sights for a little while.  The time will eventually come when you will be asked to lead the cruise, but it'd be better to take the tour first, absorbing all the aspects of the land, realizing the ways of the inhabitants, grasping at the foreign language of this alternate plane.

Sagittarius of the Week: Anna Faris

If you're right handed, use your left.  And vice versa.  Develop your "weaknesses" into strengths, goats.  You won't be able to meet your true goals until you do.  But before you get started on the mechanics of that, here's a tip from the stars:  first spend some quality time with those less acknowledged areas of yourself.  Become reacquainted- taking what time, concentration, and openheartedness is needed to learn the most effective way of re-integrating the less fortified parts back into the system. 

Capricorn of the Week: Frank Zappa

It seems you are due to feast on your own cup, water bearers, gathering a taste of your own medicine and/or poison.  The point is:take note-whatever it is you like or don't about the taste it is under your control to renegotiate.  For a person who puts out as much energy as you do, it's only logical that you get an informative dose in return.  Sipping on your own stuff is highly personally enlightening, in the season of everything that has to do with you.

Aquarius of the Week: Anna Pavlova

Rorschach tests are given to patients of psycho-therapy to determine a certain emotional state or thought process.  What does it mean if everywhere you look you're seeing bright, shimmering stars, repeatedly announcing a ubiquitous/incandescent glow?   That's just the natural landscape of your surroundings, FISH!  No matter which angle you you take it from, the view is the same sparkling image of love's incessantly groovy pattern. 

Pisces of the Week: THE DAILY COURANT