Week of January 28, 2011

Learning a new craft/ way of life/ art form, takes time.  The most you can do is follow the steps, rams.  Relax then and enjoy the benefits of being a student.   Your only responsibility for now is to learn the ropes, which will require your undivided attention- so that you can absorb not only the facts but the subtle dynamics.

Aries of the week: Marcel Marceau

Imagine sharing the throne with someone as reliable, hardworking, honest, and knowlegdable as yourself...  There are of course as many things about that idea that thrill you as  there are aspects of it that frighten you to....death.  But that's the key anyway.  Just give in to it, bulls.  It will certainly lessen the pain, definitely lighten your load, and absolutely ease your mind.

Taurus of the week: Audrey Hepburn

Grieve the" loss", twins.  Cry the last of your tears.  Take as long as you need to say goodbye.  That way when it's time to greet the future, there will be no forseeable reason to return to what you just left behind. Your total presence will allow you to take full part in what euphoria has been around the corner this whole time, eagerly waiting for you to actually get to where you have been going.

Gemini of the week: Isadora Duncan

You DONT actually need  more time to figure out how you feel and why.  You are ready to instead begin launching your ideas into the ethosphere.  Introduce your sentiments with your famously firm grip.  In other words, go ahead and strong arm them into listening.  Let neither them or you weasel your way out of pure expression.

Cancer of the week: Mary Stuart Masterson

If we were in an office together, I'd tell you to take an extra long lunch break.  Sit this one out, lions.  You've been going for long periods without respite, and  you need the rest to balance your bones.  Don't try to carry your own bags on top of mine on top of anyone else's.  Everyone can drive their own car and yours too if you are wise enough to just temporarily let them.

Leo of the week: HP Blavatsky

This time around, you know just what the "recipe" is missing, the subtle but powerful ingredient that will make ALL the difference in the taste, flavor, goodness, and nourishing quality of your feast.  This week is a good time to begin adding the final but vital touches.  Your complete happiness as well as the extended joy of those closest to you is absolutely dependent on its specific inclusion.

Virgo of the week: David Stewart

To really get to the core of how you are feeling, which is the only secure way of deciphering your next most powerful move, you'll have to cultivate silence.  In a drama-less, chaos free space, you can get best in touch with your innermost thoughts, desires, concerns, and bright ideas.  To experience unrestrained illumination, simply turn out the lights.

Libra of the week: Austin Currie

To receive your just rewards, you are advised to begin practicing, by : asking for a hand every now and then, being neither too embarrassed or stubborn to accept what you desperately need,  making it a daily habit to take detailed notice of what your mind, body, and spirit is requesting of you, and taking such entreaties as seriously as possible.

Scorpio of the week: Dunkan Sheik

To go beyond your fear, you will first have to pass directly through it.  If you try to side-step it. chances are it will only continue to haunt you.  Whereas if you choose to deal with what scares you, you may instead openly reveal its illusion, dispelling what power it has over you for good, re-claiming the territory it was hogging, taking with you what force it once posessed to do as you now please/choose.

Sagittarius of the week: BELO HORIZONTE-the first planned city in brazil

NOTE:  all roadblocks are only a mirage.  To find that out for yourself, just drive right on through.  Notice that as you charge past  steepest waters, they magically part.  Perhaps such pranks by the universe are only being used to test your skills to see beyond them,  surpass  them with a personal strength and wisdom that maybe you only need to be reminded of at this time.

Capricorn of the week: Dave Grohl

Your awareness can either work for you or against you, water bearers.  To be sure that you are the master of and not the slave to your knowledge, reflect on the reality of your briliance.  Before you decide whether its a curse or a blessing,  consider the notion that your vision is a gift,  given to you without your permission or any expectation as to how it would be received.  Chances are if you can offer it back to the universe in the same way, you might be able to see it as less of a burden and more of a cup to be passed around, sipped up, and enjoyed for its intoxicating, liberating effects.

Aquarius of the week: Kid Cudi

You've had plenty of time to sort through all the confusion, fishes.  So waste no more minutes.  Get on board the "mystery" train this time around, as there is no guarantee as to when it might come again.  The opportunity is ripe, but won't be that way forever.  Seize the moments before they pass away like clouds, disintegrating back into the atmosphere.  Reach out and grab a hold before that can happen.

Pisces of the week: Chad Hugo