Week of January 21, 2011

You are entering a new state of consciousness, whereby you are more freely permitted to be yourself, as well as get to know some fascinating others.  In this alternative realm, the rules of the past are no longer relevant.  Simply do your best to go with the novel flow, rams, swimming along with the transformational tides.

Aries of the Week: Bijou Philips

Whereas before you spent more time enjoying the world from private quarters, you will now be taking in the sights from out in the open, inhaling such freshness directly and daily.  As you take to the streets, notice how the feeling you get is both thrilling and peaceful- just a powerful reminder that this is where you need to be...

Taurus of the Week: integrated circuit

Before you take one step further, twins, catch your breath.  That way when you take off again, your flight will not only last longer but will also have a more specific idea of where it is headed.  Similarly, pull your thoughts in previous to sending them back out.  Give yourself a few extra moments to review, so that your sentiments are most excellently translated.

Gemini of the Week: Andy Griffith

First reach deep into your chest of treasures, crabs,  Then extend your hand.  Keep it there, until it's received.  You might have to work extra hard to clear the air.  Remain patient / intent upon making your offer.  Concentrate on the consistency, particularity and sincerity of your own giving.

Cancer of the Week: Elizabeth Kubler Ross

As events seem to spiral into motion, take a look around cats.  Notice that in the midst of it all, you are not alone.  By contrast, you are instead surrounded by friends and family who are cheering you on, lending out their hands, heads, arms, legs, lips, and whatever else you could possibly need at this time.

Leo of the Week: Ben Gibbard

Virg, not even you can prevent the natural order from occuring as it will, once things have reached a certain level of momentum.  But you CAN learn from the situation, listening in for the cues which point in the direction of truth and resoultion.  This just requires a fearless type of tuning in- emotions, desires, and preferences nothwithstanding.

Virgo of the Week: BJ Armstrong

Let your inner visions emerge, scales.  Once you let go of the need for applause, admiring spectators, and willing participants, it will be much easier for  your individual terms to be known and understood.  No other person is required to either love or understand those designs, besides YOU.

Libra of the Week: Eddie Cochran

Recall your guru(S).  Imagine what they might say to you now, in light of your present lifescape.  After you recollect what you learned, honor those teachings by putting such techniques into immediate practice.  Not only will doing so probably lay certain long standing matters to rest, but will also rekindle feelings of kinship in what can sometimes be an un-necessarily lonely scorpionic road.

Scorpio of the Week: Lee Krasner

Practice the art of refrain, archers.  Learn, as you watch certain storms roll by, that some of those are illusory.  Once you refuse to feed into the drama, it magically disappears, as if it never existed.  You'll even wonder, as you rub your eyes amidst the new silence, if what squalor you saw were not a dream itself,a  mere passing cloud of momentary confusion.

Sagitarius of the Week: Walter Knott

Act on the behalf of either your own or someone dear to you's nourishment, goats.  Feed yourself and/or your crew with the exact fruits you require at this time, grabbing those right from the tree..  As you take a big, satisfying bite, feel paradise expanding within, proof that you are derserving of the meal. 

Capricorn of the Week: The Sopranos

"Nigredo" is known as the disintegration stage in alchemy.  You are about to experience a similar type of transition, water bearer. For you, that entails both the dissolution of past worries, fears and misbeliefs as well as a  sprinkling of your new awareness dust all over the place, infecting the atmosphere with your personal flava, wisdom, pizazz, and poetry.

Aquarius of the Week: Mantra Rock Dance

If I could Id call a town meeting, where I would announce to the masses the beautiful year that lies ahead.  Then I'd point you specifically out of the crowd, fish, to be sure you knew that yes, that means you too.  In fact, ESPECIALLY you pisces will come to know a sort of intoxicating joy in the months to come, that fills you with its sweetness while propelling you confidently onward.

Pisces of the Week: Desi Arnaz