Week of January 14, 2011

Apply your novel creative enterprise to the situations at hand.  Follow the formula suggested by the guiding stars:  first assess the scene, gathering
what facts you can.  Then: spend a few moments in thoughtful reverie, considering what angles you could take.  Lastly, boldly attempt to insert your
most original theory/idea to the critical moment, putting your recent discoveries to various "tests".

Aries of the week: the Cuban Revolutionary Party

Check your pulse, bulls.  If your heartbeat is weak, do some jumping jacks.  Don't rest until you can hear that organ pumping in and out/ back and
forth in an unyielding and consistent rhythm.  Keep listening in until your own rush of blood roars loud enough for even the guy sitting next to you to
be able to hear.  WAKE UP this week Taurus.  And experience the total thrill of the present moment.

Taurus of the week: Kingdom of Italy

Extrapolate nothing, twins.  Read not between or underneath the lines.  The less presumptuous you are, regardless of how justified it might be, the
more easily you'll be able to see what is actually sitting just right in front of your eyes.  What you don't assume as truth can  then more properly be
recognized as the real thing. 

Gemini of the week: Josh Lucas
Let this one go out to the one you love, crabs.  Begin the new year with a genuine attempt to speak your truths, certain of what nourishing effect it is
definitely bound to have. Announce that where once you were lost, you now have been found.  Start there.  Fill in the details of that specific adventure
later, only once you grab their full emotional attention.

Cancer of the week: Charles Horace Mayo

You bigger cats are absolutely unique in the way that even when you are "resting", you are still furthering your agenda.  Keep that fact in mind this
week whensoever you feel the need to recoup.  You're the type that can accomplish your goals even while lounging.  Your spirit won't quit, no matter
what.  So don't sweat the setting so much..  The party travels WITH and also TO you

Leo of the week: Le Griffon, the first known ship of the Great Lakes

To get different results, it might be necessary to apply an unusual method virg.  May you, in the spirit of 2011, be less hesistant to switch up your
approach.  When the time calls for alternative measures, may you be flexible enough to roll wisely along.  With that attitude, there are sure to be less
"roadblocks" the whole year long.

Virgo of the week: Evan Rachel Wood

Maintain focus, libra.  It's typically just when one wants to take their eyes off of the road that its most important to stay focused.  But I'll promise you
this:  if you can see yourself through that narrow, intensified patch of fog in the short run, you are less likely to come across it again anytime soon. 
So why put off today what will only come back to haunt you tomorrow, scales?  Take care of business, then, once and for probably all.

Libra of the week: Natalie Maines

Imagine, at least, the IDEA of your dreams coming true.  Indulge in the full fantasy, editing not what comes up as it does.  Paint the picture, complete
with color and sound.  That way when such fate suddenly takes shape, you will recognize the sequence of events as those you conjured yourself. It's
just a round about way, really, of prompting you to make your wishes, leaving the rest in the hands of the appreciative cosmos.

Scorpio of the week: Tilda Swinton

Stay in the game, archers.  No matter what the score, and what the nature of the match, it's always useful to learn the art of endurance.  This is a
tactic that works well alongside all other techniques.  Anyway, you've cultivated nearly every other skill required to conquer your goals.  The remainder
is a waiting
game, a matter of posture, the time and effort that is necessary to "claim" one's place.

Sagitarius of the week: first performance of the unfinished symphony by Franz Shubert

Whatever the cat drags in to your goatly mountainside, offer your enthusiasm.  That's all he/she/it will really need from you at this time.  Give them
just a confident smile, which communicates how totally certain you are of what succes they are sure to have as they venture forth.  The most loving
and helpful thing you can do for others is to encourage the use of their own strength and power, which you happen to know they possess FOR A

Capricorn of the week: Wikipedia

Your personal 2011 is looking really swell, water bearers.  It appears that the ride is smoother than its been for a long while.  With less tribulation, you
can therefore slide more calmly through your days, breathing in and out in an easy rhythm.  All thats required on your part is an attitude of
acceptance.   Simply tolerate the fantastic, expanding your belief system if necessary, to include what sort of cool living you might have forgotten was

Aquarius of the week: Big Boi

Let your cup runneth over, fish.  Thats code for advising you to welcome the gifts of the new year with wide open arms.  Expect abundance,
specifically looking forward to what once was " tragic"  evolving towards "magic."  The tides are now turning in your favor, pisces, leaving the ghosts
of yesterday behind on a mission to reach the flowers of today.  Pay attention.  The signs of this are everywhere.

Pisces of the week: "We are the world"