Week of January 6, 2011

Worry less about the opinions of others, when in regards to your personal capabilities, talents,coolness and strength. Bask in the light of what you have already accomplished as well as what you have yet to achieve. Glow by the brightest rays of your being. Spread out in the wide open, taking what space you need to accomodate your prodigious growth.

Aries of the Week: Jennifer Garner

While the various pilgrims of your life gather at your feet, making their oblations, offer your own sacrifice in return. What will you give up in the new year in order to navigate towards a higher purpose? What attitudes, fears, opinions, beliefs, and/or prejudices will you throw in the fire to burn? To do so would at least be a symbol of your seriousness, a solemn oath that you, at the minimum INTEND to meet the challenge.

Taurus of the Week: James McAvoy

This week presents the perfect moment for you to sort through your own ideals, twins, re-clarifying those and distinguishing such longing from the wishes of others. May you become intimately re-acquainted with your most personal tastes and preferences. This re-discovery will make it easier for you to sail the sweet seas of your individual dreams the rest of the whole year long.

Gemini of the Week: John Biddle

Swallow the truths, crabs, Digest the days the best you can. Just your integration of the facts and findings should be considered a major feat at this point. Let go, for the time being, of trying to alter the circumstances. It is first necessary to accept things as they are, if only in order to actually know the whole entire truth. Only then can you properly change/purge anything.

Cancer of the Week: Malia Obama

Perhaps you are under-estimating the worth and value of so called baby steps, cats. Those mini moves add up over time, contributing to the final goal. Though "slow", the progress is sure. May you not only acknowledge all the most recent developments (big and small) as crucial to the desired outcome, but also derive hope for the cause from even the slightest of omens.

Leo of the Week: construction of the leaning tower of Pisa begins

You can stop pumping your brakes, virg. If that old beater doesn't take you where you want to go, leave it behind. You don't need any vehicle to start things off other than your own focused awareness to act on your strongest principles this week. You've got what energy, sense of direction, and perservering attitude is required. Once you apply total effort, extra/solid support will naturally arise.

Virgo of the Week: Satoshi Tajiro

Revelation occurs naturally this week, scales. All you must do is place yourself in a position to receive it. In other words, when certain truths come pouring in through the blinds, let them. Don't try to whisk them off or cover them up. Just allow them to burst in and through. You will automatically reap the benefits of such permission.

Libra of the Week: Black Thought

In the New Year, may you scorpions begin to offer your blessings from a healthy distance. Let your primary duty towards other be to inspire them to soar to their own heights. With less specific caregiving from you, those you love most get a chance to experience their own strengths and capabilities, while you get some vital breathing space, quiet time, and creative opportunity.

Scorpio of the Week: Nicolas Reyes

The fate you wish to determine CANNOT be divined mathematically, archers. Take a moment to consider the implications of that truth. If figuring things out is not a mechanical matter, then how should you go about acheiving enlightenment? While you ponder the question, let's start by stretching. As you breathe, let your head and chest expand outward. Thats how best to prepare yourself for ultimate knowing.

Sagitarius of the Week: "London Calling"

There's no need to fear the wild, goats, when you ARE the wild. As the main man/woman of the mountain, you not only have no reason to sweat the terrain, but you also have a deeper understanding of all the inner workings of the kingdom of beasts. You have an advantage view point, cap. Don't under-estimate its worth and while this week. The sooner you acknowledge what you already know, the swifter you may resolve certain conflict/mystery.

Capricorn of the Week: Jim Croce

Wheresoever you draw certain lines, new life may openly flourish water bearers. You should therefore hesitate not to snip away the fat that might be holding you back. Let what lessons you have learned over the past six months serve as a powerful reminder of how/when/why such separation is necessary. Besides, the blooming effects will be immediately noticeable.

Aquarius of the Week: Betty Friedan

The omens advise putting you fishes on a spiritual diet. Trading semi-nourishing food sources for ones that provide more thoroughly for your needs is currently crucial to your health, happiness, comfort, and success. Begin by cutting out the most evident toxins. Witness the difference for yourself. That'll make it easier to maintain a zero tolerance attitude about what goes in.

Pisces of the Week: Rolls Royce, LTD