Week of December 24, 2010

Chances are high that you will receive several "invitations" this week. The moon's passage through Gemini nearly requires that you opt for one course of action over another. There is a sort of cosmic crossroads occuring under this influence, which increases that type of pressure. Therefore I urge you to examine every possibility, doing your best to determine what, despite how enticing the offer, is most congruous with your PERSONAL intentions.

Aries of the Week: Spencer Dryden

Mercury in retrograde is a good time to revisit and review. Particularly, you bulls would do well to reconsider your past loyalties, sympathies, and allegiances. It's neither too late nor too soon to go ahead and change your mind. In fact, according to the planets, it's just the right time to switch things up.

Taurus of the Week: New Orleans

When accurately aimed, the word NO can be a twin's best friend. Where one door slams shut, there is more ample room for other archways to be revealed. Test it out then folks. Practice direct refusal of what you clearly don't want, systematically replacing it with an adamant insistence upon what you doooooo...

Gemini of the Week: Rivers Cuomo

Remember crabs, you aren't obligated to provide shelter. In truth, it'd probably serve everyone better if such a fate were determined with more discernment. Similarly, the fortunes adivse you to purge yourself immediately of anything with a foul taste. Spit it right back out, preserving the temple of thou.

Cancer of the Week: Wyoming

First find and then trust your gut, big cats. Once you re-discover it, you may learn that it demands you : break a certain "law", make a mountain out a molehill, turn the volume up HIGHHHHH, openly test your creative limits, etc. etc. Whatever outrageousness is required, don't fret pets. Fortune always favors the extremely bold, bright and brave.

Leo of the Week: Tivoli Gardens

Speak from your heart now, or forever hold your peace virg. Express self above and beyond your typical comfort zone this week. Take what time, concentration, effort, and flexibility is necessary to bridge the emotional gaps between you and those you care about most. Refrain from the urge to say anything less than what is totally true in an attempt to save face. Let it all hang out, despite the vulnerable position it places you in. There is power and mobility in your sincerity Virg.

Virgo of the Week: John Bull steam locomotive

These are your glory daze, scales. You can thusly expect: loving kindness, potent truth, creative cooperation, silly serenity. Plus, if thats not already the case, you'll so happen to have an extra dose of the confidence and cool needed to meet your own demands. Be less hesitant in your requests, LIB. You are deserving of such personal abundance.

Libra of the Week: the Washington Monument

SCORP: Can you speak your truths while remaining safe and sound, flash your style without offending anyone, own your total destiny without kindling the flames of jealousy? Luckily, you alone have what it takes to glide smoothly into the next sunset, cruise onward to the higher level, sparkle softly in the moonlight. You're not only slick, but supremely sensitive and sublime enough to transcend, with ease, the bounds of this seeming reality.

Scorpio of the Week: Roberto Cavalli

Who are your personal heros, Sag? Once you remember, ask yourself WHY and how come. The reasons happen to be essential to moving fantastically forward in an ecstatic march. So cut to the chase and acknowledge who's behind your moves. If they happen to be working towards your agenda, then at least you'll have discovered a solid source of support. And if not, then you'll be all the more cognizant of what and who exactly is standing in your way.

Sagitarius of the Week: Cliff Williams

You're just as strong and clever as you ever were Cap, but this year there's an extra bounce in your step, a gleefuller note in your tune, a hoppier skip in your jump. The astrological twists of fate suggest that now would be an ideal time to openly display all newfound talents, tricks, and truces. Introduce your newer sharper image in the season of YOU.

Capricorn of the Week: Emile Zola's "J'Accuse"

One of my favorite things about a new year is the concept of letting bygones be bygones. Before this unconditional treatise of acceptance is applied to the masses, I offer it's philosophy specifically to you, water bearers. May you, in the spirit of snow and sledding, let the past slip away down a hill. Inhale the fresh air that remains in the place of such blissful surrender to NOW.

Aquarius of the Week: Chuck Yeager

Stick with friends, family, or anyone who so loves and appreciates you. Stay snug in the arms of those who care most and truly about you, fishes. Stray not towards dangerous waters this week. Float dreamily instead in a warm wave. Buoyant, but calm, rock to and serenely fro, familiarizing yourself with the easy rhythm of your coming year...

Pisces of the Week: Dane Cook