Week of December 15, 2010

Seek (energetic) shelter, rams. Knowing who you can trust with your secret self is very essential to your well being. This week, as the sun transits into Capricorn, such safety will be easier to come by. May you carouse and cavort with the innocenter beings this week, thereby restoring your faith and trust in all things good, green, happy and healthy.

Aries of the Week: Swiss neutrality

Awake, sleepy one. The winter, though frozen, is packed with magic. Let your heart be open to the season, bulls. Embrace all vulnerability. That's the most direct path to what hidden treasure is stowed within the thick, snowy woods. Wander without aim, following the twisting rhythm of your heart. Be thus led to a most fortunate "place."

Taurus of the Week: Beltaine

Go for what you want, twins. Move towards your goal without abandon. Give in entirely to such gravitational pull. Fall into the arms of the one you wish to call home. Not that you'd need any extra confirmation from the other side, but just in case, your presence is equally desired. Feelings are as "mutual" as can be, if that helps any darlings.

Gemini of the Week: Amnesty International

Sure and steady, in this case, not only wins the race, but it's also what lets you take your rightful place, crabs. If one door remains closed to you, there is no need to make a scene. Be patient, and flexible. Whatever happens, do NOT freeze up. Stay as calm as you are mobile, moving serenely forwards. The astral omens suggest this patient yet perservering stance may be the best method for becoming "re-united."

Cancer of the Week: the chinese monarchy is overthrown

Skip the shananigans, cats. First declare most openly, the contents of your mind and soul. Then accept the feelings this may cause to a one as cool as you. Lastly, don't sweat it. Enjoy the power and resolution that comes from such hearrtfelt communication. Letting go like this is pure bliss. You deserve to have that type of experience, working as hard as you constantly do to secure the evolution of mankind.

Leo of the Week: an Atlantic Cable permits communication between US and Europe

I had a vision of you emerging from the depths this week, virg. Certainly, there could be no better time than right now to reveal to the world at large your most graceful and gracious point of view. In fact, the circumstances nearly demand that you do so. Unfurl, then, your smooth perspective, sedating the masses with your careful, concisely crafted theories.

Virgo of the Week: Oregon Labor Press

I heard a mantra on NPR this week that made me think of you, scales. The phrase "It's not what you choose to do but what you refuse to do that makes you an artist" directly applies to your own decision making process. This is perhaps an easier and healthier way to opt anyway. Instead of becoming entangled in futile debate, you may instead focus entirely on CREATING, you'll have so much extra time and energy on your hands.

Libra of the Week: the first birth control clinic NYC

Now is as great a time as any to "come out" of whatever closet or corner where you aren't so much hiding, but sort of ended up in. Regardless of how you got there, it's certainly been too long to suffer the suffocation of that deception. Instead of letting people speak for you, scorp, step right up and make it clear how you feel, and what choices you make. Some of your words and thoughts may come as a shock. So be it. This is in the interest of YOU, not necessarily them.

Scorpio of the Week: transgender day

Keep one thing in mind, Archer. With a spirit as fighting as your own, you may at first resist what you most deeply desire. As long as you remain conscious of that fact, it'll be easier to lower your fists when in the presence of such romance. Leave the boxing gloves, karate moves, and switchblades at home this week. You won't be needing any instruments of self defense...

Sagitarius of the Week: the southpole

Other than your total presence, not much else is required for a harmonious time. To ease yourself and/or your loved ones past all bumps in the road, retain a gentle heart. Let forgiveness reign, even when others consider such pardoning a foolish technique. Being laid back will work like a charm. Peace will always be the result of your enduring love.

Capricorn of the Week: Agustin Gomez Arcos

Let your mind freely wander, water bearer. On your nomadic psychic journeying, you'll probably revive certain skills, which will soon be necessary to your ultimate living. Tune out so that when you tune back in, your senses are fully restored. Cruise the airwaves, gliding past the faulty, fuzzy connections until you reach one that is crystal clear.

Aquarius of the Week: the Free Africa Society

There are speficic ways that you will never again be tricked, certain tactics which you are no longer prey to, particular traps which you won't again fall in. Remember what you have learned so well this week, pisces. Make a promise to yourself that under no circumstances whatsoever will you be bamboozled. Be absorbed instead in your work, which is a powerful reminder and an accurate reflection of how much progress you have truly made.

Pisces of the Week: the Oglala Sioux Nation