Week of December 9, 2010

The archer is all about putting knowledge into PRACTICE. This week, the omens confirm that you are more than ready to test the waters. Certain "choices" have long ago been made, rams. Now'd be a good time then to : take your ideas on the road, following up your decision with definitive moves. Begin to walk the path that leads in the direction of where, at this point, you are most definitely certain that you want to go.

Aries of the Week: Loretta Lynn

Confrontation IS required, but is best handled in a bullish fashion, steady but sure. In this case, there is no such thing as beating around the bush. Luckily you have what tools are necessary to handle the matter. Most of all, tell the truth, from right where you stand. Instead of pursuing frenetic energy, stay put and poised. This way, your perspective will be most naturally digested and sustained, after having earned the trust and respect of your listeners. It will become an offer they can't refuse.

Taurus of the Week: D'Arcy Wretzky

To assume the position of boss, top dog, etc, make the committment, twins. Don't throw the towel in just when you feel a certain pressure. Hold on tighter in those moments. Doing so will prove to YOU, at least, what clarity, fortitude and dedication you posess. Chances are it will demonstrate that fact to certain others as well, which will likely cause them to think twice before they make any further attempts to dominate you and/or your space.

Gemini of the Week: the Battle of White Bird Canyon

Put your whole heart into it, crabs, and don't back down until you at least give it your MOST SINCERE and direct effort. Don't knock, but just walk right in. Tell not half the story but the WHOLE tale. Strike your target not at it's side, but aim directly at its center. Don't get up from the negotiating table until you have, at minimum, made all your terms abundantly clear. Take the extra time, make the added effort, etc. Notice the simple but definite difference it makes in nearly every situation, especially the ones you care the most about.

Cancer of the Week: Cameron Crowe

What you consider higher, deeper, wiser beings work in "mysterious" ways. That's what it seems like, anyway, when you haven't yet lived through what they have. Due to a lack of experience, their actions may not be immediately or exactly understandable. I encourage you to remain as open minded as any student must be in a quest for knowledge. Consider and leave adequate room for learning something about which you wish to know more. That thing/person will become immediately less threatening, and more of a specific source of wisdom, providing clear direction for the future.

Leo of the Week: the Louvre

Every doctor must consider what is best for the "patient", which might and probably will be different from the needs and desires of the afflicted's loved ones. As the primary healer of the zodiac, stick to that formula, virg, meticulous and hard nosed as it may seem. The fates suggest that you alone are fully cognizant of the precise remedy. I therefore advise and encourage you to persevere in honoring such truth.

Virgo of the Week: Jesse James

Take a break from conflict this week, scales. Just walk right off the battlefield, as soon as the first shot rings out. Escape without hesitation to your own quarters, where vision is more abundant. From there, you can more safely and serenely determine your way around what obstacles lay between you and your deserved freedom. If, in a rare case, the war should come to you, turn your lights off and lay low until they get the picture-that you aren't interested in lobbing anyone's head off. You've got much cooler things to do.

Libra of the Week: Arthur Miller

Can you act as a source of wise inspiration, in the midst of the ever changing circumstances and depsite the forces that work directly against you, scorp? With strength like yours, such a task shouldn't be too daunting. But just to add extra support, I urge you to rely on your allies, living and ephemeral. Being fed with extra power won't hurt. A surplus of intelligent and energetic ammunition can only help you to maintain your position as you strive to do your best.

Scorpio of the Week: Joshua Jay

Whatsoever ways that you are put to the test this week, archer, first cling to your faith in self. Then it will be easier to see the divine aspects of those people and things outside of you, which will be vital to your capacity to first acknowledge and later receive the gifts which are "hidden" in almost every corner. Remain as trusting and open as a child, and just as blatantly unconcerned with the consequences of that attitude.

Sagitarius of the Week: Tre Cool

May you lovingly admit your plans this week, goats. You are currently as open as your associates to sharing in your biggest ideas and elaborating on what is exactly necessary to see those through. The archer's fire will add spark and confidence to all your meetings, personal and non, the whole month long. Take full advantage !

Capricorn of the Week: Marianne Faithful

Your story is one that should be passed on to as many as possible, water bearers...for a plentitude of reasons. So don't think twice about telling it, including the subtle details which reveal the lessons inherent within its intricate fabric. Continue to paint the picture you are trying to convey. Pay no attention to the chatter and clatter of the outside world as you unveil the goods, which will indeed nourish and motivate anyone lucky enough to be listening.

Aquarius of the Week: Cybil Shepherd

It'd be harder for anyone to doubt you once you place a full trust in your mystic self. Interference is less likely if you are relentlessly confident, adamantly convinced of what magical success you are bound to have, stubbornly but gracefully persistent in your attempts to move majestically forward. Even the murkiest waters can part the ways, once you command it absolutely so.

Pisces of the Week: Caesar Vallejo