Week of December 1, 2010

The benefit of being raised by a family of hot headed Italians is obvious. Even if not totally gentle and sometimes overly dramatic, we children were always completely certain that we were loved. Later in life I discovered that this was not a given in every family and thus grew to appreciate even more the passionate ways of my kin. The heart is bound to make mistakes, rams. It's the EFFORT that not only counts, but also makes the most lasting impression. Trust me.

Aries of the Week: Maseo

You gotta do you, boo. In other words, declare your song from the nearest mountain-top. Yodel your truths from the closest precipice. Make the assertion of your point of view a habit which refuses, even in the face of the most enormous resistance, to be stifled, curtailed, quieted, or toned down. Pump up the VOLUME bulls.

Taurus of the Week: Isobel Campbell

This just in! Studies conclude that not only is the need for others a totally natural feeling, occuring in a vast majority of human beings, but so too is the urge to inter-personally relate! In light of that recent newsflash, I recommend you give in entirely to your own typcial-ness. Common ground is such a relief, twins. To know that you aren't, after all, an exile, but just exactly like the rest of us earthlings in some very basic ways...

Gemini of the Week: Tennessee

Be your own best friend this week, crabs. The only one you need to impress is yours truly. Make it a point to live up to your own expectations, as opposed to holding a standard for someone else to follow. That should eliminate any confusion, specifically regarding who/what/how to make certain dreams come true. It's all you, baby. Literally.

Cancer of the Week: Death Valley reaches the highest recorded temperature in the US-134 degrees

Can you: share the spotlight, and/or face the challenge directly? A particular destiny can only be determined depending on your answer. But let me say this: If you can pull off at least one or better yet, both such "tasks" this week, you are likely to exponentially increase your fortune, fame, and fun, just like that.

Leo of the Week: Michelle Yeoh

It's totally appropriate to spend less time explaining, and more of it directly moving towards your various "goals". As well, be sure not to dwell so much on the past but to focus instead on the present. Rather than wish-washing the moments away, virg, you could be organizing and strategizing your best moves towards the amiable future, which frolics in the near distance.

Virgo of the Week: Giuseppe Saragat

There's never a need to learn a lesson twice, as long as you keep it's moral in mind. Remembering, however, can sometimes be mysteriously difficult and tedious. So that you don't forget, then, scales, I suggest you keep a diary, private record, memoir, etc, of what understanding you have so far come to achieve. Write it down, draw it's picture, construct a diagram, perform a ballet-whatever helps you burn the legacy of facts into your awareness.

Libra of the Week: Celia Cruz

Allow both your sense of humor and imagination to have free reign this week scorpio. It's "high" time to let loose, and explore the inner workings of your mind and soul. Attempt to illuminate even the densest corners by way of your individually enlightened perspective. At the very least it shall remind you of what power lies in both your silliest and most serene point of view, proving the ways that it may cancel out unwarrranted fear and permit a more accurate joy.

Scorpio of the Week: TWILIGHT

In whatever form-poetry, golf, cartwheels, etc, speak your most heartfelt truths. Let your spirit rip, archers, being neither prudent nor hesistant in your revelation. With the season of your birth underway, taking advantage of the opportunity to be a poster child for your own agenda would be MOST justified.

Sagitarius of the Week: Brian Bell

Now would be just the right time to tell us about the things you love, as well as the ways that you go about showing it. The world has a lot to gain from your own stories, including the gritty details of your quest. Select a medium, then goats. How would you prefer to share your personal heart's tale, expounding on and taking pride in what resiliience, maneuvering, and fastidiousness was required to stay so true to you.

Capricorn of the Week: Apple computer

You'll probably get the shock of your life this week water bearers. Either that or you'll deliver one yourself. In any case, the effects shall be tremendous-as long as you LET them be. There's no need to try and manage what powerful energy is headed your way. This is a stronger wind than you, more kinetic and intelligent than you could (thankfully) anticipate. So you might as well just sit back and let it blow right in and through.

Aquarius of the Week: "Pride and Prejudice"

Thirsty? Well take an extra long drink, then, fishes. And when you're through, examine your lack thereof the way you would approach any riddle. Solve the mystery by tracing your steps. Go all the way back to the factors which led to a certain poverty. Once you're clear about how it happened, you can then : successfully/permanaently avoid that mouse trap, and travel onward in a different direction- one that reunites you with more nourishing forces of fulfillment.

Pisces of the Week: the first Streetlight