Week of November 23, 2010

It's not about the "title" or the acclaim, the praise or lack thereof, rams. All that matters is if you wholeheartedly believe in what you're doing. Organize your life around such inner principle. Let your world spin on an axis of personal conviction. I predict that an attempt to do so, will, among other things, make a profound difference in your day to day sense of authentic satisfaction.

Aries of the Week: American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Aim to politicalize the spiritual, and spiritualize the political this week bulls, at least in your own respective neighborhoods. Infuse the masses with your beautiful dogma. What are the methods which have kept you happily afloat, drifting towards various paradises, all these many years? The omens predict that now would be a wise and effective time to reveal the answers through your words and actions. Make it an extra priority to openly model your ohhh so special lifestyle.

Taurus of the Week: Jessica Alba

Spiritualists across the globe agree, more or less, on the premise that in order to actually see the face of God, one must experience a complete deliverance from duality. That makes good sense, twins. Because as long as you assign certain meaning to this or that, it's logically going to be more difficult to discern a thing's true essence. I therefore advise you, in your hunt for sacred-ness, to assume that you needn't look further than right there, seeing all souls as potential dance partners/gateways to the divine/roads to holy wholeness/doorways to the great beyond.

Gemini of the Week: the end of the American Revolution

In the spirit of the wild centaur, you are requested to conduct your experiments in the open, crabs. To do so would require not only a willingness to travel, but will also remind you of what novelty there is in taking your flavor with you as you go. Spread your magic. The omens predict it will catch on like a heavenly wildfire, enlightening the way with its beautiful blaze.

Cancer of the Week: Anjelique Kidjo

It'd be a good time to consider those "future generations". As mighty as you are, cats, you won't (physically) live forever. But your potent seed will, and this is an excellent moment to indulge your long term desires. In what fields do you wish to see your dreams grow most? What legacy, in particular, do you hope could live forever? Muse a bit.

Leo of the Week: Lil Romeo

Wear a sign on your forehead if you must, virg. Make it clear to everyone what your new and precise terms are. What will/won't you do exactly? Until everyone hears you loud and clear, practice your vows. To what do you pledge allegicance? To what do you raise your fists in protest? The lines are clear to you. Next make others as certain as you are of those fresh boundaries.

Virgo of the Week: Claudette Colbert

Can you be given to certain pleasures, yet remain incorruptible? Can you temper strict morality with simple enjoyment? I leave it to you to determine the ways to strike such a unique/tedious/specific balance. Creating harmony is your forte, scales. Achieving equilibrium among two forces which seemingly oppose one another is a personal talent of yours. Let both your heart and intellect coordinate the way.

Libra of the Week: Claude Simone

Make a certain promise to yourself, scorp. If it's hard to keep, it's probably important to try. Set the standard that high this week. Even if you attempt to walk such a tight-rope and continuously lose your footing, it's more crucial that you make the effort. Consider it a way to re-establish vital communication with self, i.e. that you believe you can do it, no matter how long it takes you, that you're in the right place, even if it means some getting used to.

Scorpio of the Week: "Rolling Stone" magazine

Luckily, you've never learned the art of copying someone/thing else. Well don't start now, archers. Keep it real, i.e. original, even if you must break certain alliances for the time being. Now would be an excellent time to join total forces with your own particular ideas. Work on and with those, making their survival a top-most priority.

Sagitarius of the Week: Joseph Pilates

Even the best rules, the wisest elders, the most ancient methods which have been "tried and true", may contain blindspots, GOATS. Spend the week examining the regulations. Don't hesitate to replace the ones that are no longer applicable, relevant, or necessary. Could there be a better, less convoluted way?

Capricorn of the Week: Dave Grohl

Can you take your independence without destroying yourself in the process, water bearer? You may. To achieve that, first drop your guilt like a hot coal. Then take a deep breath. Claim your space. Try not to look over your shoulder too much as you go. Just float/fly forwardly.

Aquarius of the Week: Mike Patton

It's a good time to get a divorce, fish, i.e. from those things/people that you've preposterously been assigned to. Suffer no more the burden of certain committments. Let the fearless season of the archer assist you in the shattering of shackles. Start by being open, at least, to the suggestion.

Pisces of the Week: discovery of Brazil