Week of November 16, 2010

Winter's around the corner, rams. So it wouldn't be too early to store your nuts. In Native medicine, squirrel cures include maintaining an untroubled heart and mind, making it crucial not only what and how much you save but also where you will stow your precious resources. Fill your "cheeks" with what tips, tools, and toppings you'll need while keeping a clean and safe home for your stash.

Aries of the Week: Victoria Beckham/(Posh Spice)

Set your table with what fruits you hope to harvest more of by the end of the year, bulls. Bless others with what you most wish to achieve in your own life. Share in the ways you hope to experience abundance. To multiply spiritual, physical, and creative wealth, give without consideration to what you will lose, but rather remain totally certain of what you stand to gain.

Taurus of the Week: the Irish Literary Theater, DUBLIN

Remember, twins, you're in control of all "happy" endings. You are the starry child of the universe, who saves the day by way of original expression, thought, and style. Dream on then super- darlings. Pursue your ideas without a second look. Introduce your transformative theories, unabashedly, to all ONLOOKERS.

Gemini of the Week: Jeanette Rankin

To guarantee your fun this week, crabs, attempt to replace certain heavy feelings with a more light hearted stance. With just the right state of mind, all drama can calmly subside, making room instead for toe tingling gaiety, unfiltered joy, comedic relief. Start by refusing to take things too "personally".

Cancer of the Week: Vicki Carr

This week the messages I found written on my nightly cups of Yogi tea were remarkably pertinent and prophetic. Similarly, cats, the chances of you uncovering specific truths in the simplest and/or unlikeliest of places is high this week. You may just have to squint your eyes a little, perk your ears, wiggle your nose, and quiet your mind.

Leo of the Week: Henri Nestle

Before you make the next turn, decide just where you want to go VIRG. You have several options. How exactly, though, do you want to play this lucky card, given all your previous knowledge and experience and taking into deep consideration your intimate desire of the future for self and loved ones? In light of what you have learned, what are the places you are certain you want to avoid as opposed to the sites you wish to explore?

Virgo of the Week: Rebecca DeMornay

Maintain your point, i.e. posture. Hold your pose in order to ground your truths. It will be (technically) easier to elaborate on your vision if you are standing on soild ground. Your thoughts and feelings will be better translated if you are anchored first in what beautiful philosophy you seek to commuicate. Take a moment to get SITUATED then.

Libra of the Week: "Back to Black"

Have no fear, scorpio. You are prepared for the changes ahead. Don't blink an eye at the curves in the road. You've traveled those turns a million times before in your deepest dreams. So just relax and let it all come back to you now. Beneath the hesitation lies your steadily pounding heart, beating loud and fast, pumping with the desire to move onward toward groovy vibrations.

Scorpio of the Week:Victor DeLorenzo

Close your mouth, then your eyes, ears, lips, nose, and belly. Seal off the entrance points, so that you may fully comprehend the wisdom and nourishment of what you have seen and heard so far. Before you open the gates again, be sure to fully digest the previous lessons. Doing so will empower you for your up and coming "mission"...

Sagitarius of the Week: Raplh Fiennes

My how you goats have grown. Stand in your shoes for a moment so that all can catch a glimpse of you and be nourished by just the sight of what wholesome energy you radiate at such a high and constant frequency. Use the personal attention to call the shots. While you bathe in the spotlight, make your terms clear to all those "listening".

Capricorn of the Week: John Hancock

Eat, drink, and be merry water bearers. There is no thinking required this week, just a trusting attitude. You could even close your eyes if you're feeling bold enough, and just, as they say, enjoy the ride. Worry not where it's going. Finding out when you get there is half the good time.

Aquarius of the Week: Jonathan Larson

Romanticize your life, fish. Re-invite back into your daily routine the colors and sounds which most inspire your imagination. It'll be a LOT easier for those lovely and far out energies to enter your zone if you pave the way for them. Welcome the sacred and wacky tones of your heart into your personal space. Give them a place to put their feet up.

Pisces of the Week: the PHOENIX LIGHTS