Week of November 8, 2010

A certain/potent fruit is ripe, rams. Not only is it safe and smart to eat it, but things that grow on the proverbial vine also demand that you seize the moment, because directly following the optimal chance to ingest its nourishment is the inevitable decline of its power. Swallow the seed while it is still glowing then. Don't let a suspicious attitude prevent you from digesting its opportunity.

Aries of the Week: Roberty Downey Jr.

You would only find yourself in a "bind", bulls, if you refused to admit what you need! As long as you acknowledge the specific way out of a tight corner, any limiting feeling can give way to a new/better deal-one that offers what you're missing and lets you give back what you've got. I see no reason to hesitate. Joining forces turns famine into feast, on various levels.

Taurus of the Week: Daniel Day Lewis

Doctors of all disciplines, and in most areas of health agree on a certain common phenomenon among patients, young and old. I myself call it "resistance to the antidote", which describes the oppositional stance taken by one towards that medicine which has the potential to cure them. The paradigm reminds me of what you are going through, twins. That's why I can confidently suggest that you should lean into the areas which you most want to escape. You're only squirming in the face of what holds the power to heal (and therefore transform) you.

Gemini of the Week: the Lady godiva procession

The experience of revelation in most esoteric systems is depicted as if a person were being struck by lightning. Something similar will happen to you this week, crabs. This is just a note to assure you that you have nothing to fear. Though the before and after pictures are severe in their distinction, the difference is in your favor. Previous to the electrical shock, your being was obscured in some way, lingering in the shadows. In the aftermath of the jolt, however, you are seen glittering/ shimmering/beaming in the abundance of light that now surrounds you.

Cancer of the Week: P.T. Barnum

Once you finish making futile social comparisons, you'll be more easily able to decipher that what you desire most sits right atop your own table, grows prodigiously in your own backyard, holds your hand through the night, and has been winking at you from the corner for a while now. Certain gifts have just been perched quietly, patiently waiting for you to take full notice. The alignment of planets and stars this week will lend to such personal discovery this week cats. So go with the "flow."

Leo of the Week: Alfred Hitchcock

You must "permit" positive change to take place this week, virg. How so? Firstly, by welcoming and celebrating the times. Secondly by being systematically courageous. Lastly, by pursuing your instinct to move, wheresoever it wants to take you. Let it happen. Put your backside into it, swishing and swaying- undulating like the constant ebb and flow of your mind's eye.

Virgo of the Week: Yao Ming

The only thing which could actually "stop" you now would be falling into old habits of thinking and/or doing, scales. You know exactly who you are, where you're going, and why. If certain forces should try and impede your forward motion along the way, simply pause until you recover enough strength to go on anyway. Close your eyes, until you are once more able to see the new space you've been envisioning-which, as you'll recall, was begun on the premise of a perfect-er liberty and a more accurate version of justice.

Libra of the Week: Supernova 1604, the last to be discovered in the Milky Way

The scorpio is never totally divorced from what its personally going through and for that reason, is able to make certain choices more easily when the time comes. Therefore its not a surprise that you now know exactly what you want. While others look outward for answers and support, you spend extraordinary amounts of time analyzing, observing, and experiencing inner emotions. No wonder then that you are prepared to decide on the behalf of your heart. This week, though, you are challenged to come out of the closet you typically use to protect those deepest feelings. In the light of day, where all may clearly see, re-enact the movements which led to your awareness. Let others in on the secret process of the motions- passionate and tumultuous-which led to total illumination.

Scorpio of the Week: the consecration of the Sagrada Familia

It's like you'll be wearing rose colored glasses this week archers. Everywhere you turn the same blissful message will repeat itself. That colorful truth has actually been around for a long time, sag. It's just that you've recently improved your vision- especially the extra sensory parts which are able to detect the subtlest aspects of pure L.O.V.E. that underly even the thickest realities and which have kept us bound together in ecstasy with each other, the earth, the sun, the moon, and the sky for millenia.

Sagitarius of the Week: Stanley Dunham

Own your ideas, and conclusions, goats. That's all you'll need for total access to what's behind certain doors, especially those which have seemed most hermetically sealed. The radical abundance which you rightly suspected was lurking beyond the gates awaits your arrival. So follow your hunch, attempting at least to take authority in your personal areas of expertise. Resources will vastly multiply.

Capricorn of the Week: Giuseppe Martucci

The rest of the journey you must travel alone, water bearers. Sometimes its necessary to have a private chat with the cosmos. For a variety of reasons which we look forward to hearing about upon your return, it is crucial that in the last leg of the "trip" you are required to rely upon your own intelligence, strength, foresight, and wisdom to light your path. Think of it this way-if it wasn't so obvious that you were able to do so, it wouldn't be so crucial that you get the chance to know for yourself just how powerful "YOU" are.

Aquarius of the Week: The Rev John Galbraith Graham

Speak clearly and directly to whom you wish to address, fish. With all the grace, wisdom and determination you've been storing up, be authentic. Doubt not your ideas nor your sentiments. Being "right" is not crucial whatsoever in comparison to what effort you sincerely put forth to communicate honestly and without restraint.

Pisces of the Week: Moira Kelly