Week of November 1, 2010

In Greece, what is known as the "Axial Age" was fueled by LOGOS, which translates as reason, operating at a different level of the mind than the method of MYTH that preceded it. Whereas the older required both ritual and emotional participation, the newer aimed to establish the truth by means of careful inquiry, appealing to what we now identify as critical intelligence. I suggest you make a similar type of transition this week, rams, specifically replacing knee gut reaction with meticulous rationale. I predict you will thusly enter a less frantic personal space, where attaining a calm clarity amidst cornering conflict is more easily accomplished.

Aries of the Week: the first abolition society in North America

In Paulo Cohelo's "The Alchemist", the main character wonders under what exact circumstance God will reveal the future. The answer is clear. It is understood that he rarely does so, and if he does,it's always for one reason only: in order to alter it. Keep that in mind this week as you poke and prod, bulls. If certain doors are closed, assume that it isn't necessary for you to try and pry them open. Meanwhile, there are other, riper, moments which are needful of your full attention for very specific reasons.

Taurus of the Week: Hank Snow

The art of Zen teaches that the mind shall only know rest when it understands deep in itself that there is neither a self nor an other, no distinction between things, but rather just one understanding- a single consciousnsess. As well, from a new age perspective, your heart shall know peace only when it ceases to experience itself as seperate. Cherish the uniqueness of YOU, twins, while remembering that a total ecstasy is made possible by way of surrender to the (w)hole.

Gemini of the Week: Atlantic Cable Quartz Lode Gold Mine

In ancient times the inside of a church was designed to replicate the interior of a woman's reproductive system. Similarly, crabs, there are many shrines which are constructed in your own likeness, mimicking the grace, beauty, power, mystery and shelter that is you. Firstly, take notice of that pleasing phenomenon and secondly, create your own "holy temple" out of a preferred mold- as a way of sanctifying, surrealizing and solidifying your own model of ultimate being.

Cancer of the Week: Kristen Bell

Possibly the riskiest thing a big cat like you could do would be to let someone else lead alongside you. The omens suggest that you are "ready" to take the dare however. The struggle against such a thing has now become boring and outdated, which is one reason you are less resistant. Another explanation has to do with the fact that you finally figured out how much more fun you can have when you're not always required to be in charge. Lastly, it seems you have come to understand h.e.l.p. for what it actually is-a specific form of aid that you don't have access to on your own, regardless of what efforts you sincerely make.

Leo of the Week: Primo Levi

Let your doubt pass, virgo. The less of that you retain, the more smoothly you may receive the rewards which hang in your midst and are eager to make your acquaintance. If such thoughts and feelings are being stubborn about hanging around, be proactive, banishing certain prohibitive beliefs from your surroundings more aggressively. Push those out until they get the point-that it's time for takeoff, and they are blocking the runway...

Virgo of the Week: "Enterprise" the first NASA space shuttle

In a Jewish wedding, the "witness", which shares a root with the word "duration", is an important aspect of the gathering, as he/she has the power to validate the the transaction of the ceremony. It reminds me of what role you scales typically play, as recordkeeper. However, the scorpio season of change is now upon us and the stars have aligned in just a way that aids and abets your personal release from the job you have so well endured. Instead of acting as a pair of eyes for others, you can use those to see what you want, when you want, where-ever you want.

Libra of the Week: "Abbey Road"

Despite any "pain and sorrow", carry on, scorp. Regardless of the incessant wave of feelings, keep your head high enough to stay aimed at the clear light which beckons you in the distance. Getting from one emotional level to the next will take as much time as it does personal resolve. If you remain poised in your truth, even when it is threatening to yourself or others, you shall surely rise from the burden of the process, eventually levitating beyond the tears you shed, transmuting the exclusive experience of mother to include other roles that have always well suited you of -GURU/dance captain/ head B---tch.

Scorpio of the Week: Charles Atlas

Half of becoming a "master" requires study. The other portion demands practice. Both take time, are done mostly alone, by choice, with patience and consistency. That's the magic formula, archers. Other than your constant willingness, intellectual pursuit, and practical application, there is no other secret to success. So do your work, test out your findings, making as much effort to understand as to try it out.

Sagitarius of the Week: Terry Gillman

Are your boundaries actually preventing the light from pouring in and nourshing you with their warmth and stimulation? Are your rules cancelling out vital possibilities? Consider whether certain regualtions still serve a purpose, goats. Don't hesitate to be less organized if it's sure to liven things up. Sacrifice your law anywhere it tends to staleness. Embrace the uncertain if it promises renewal.

Capricorn of the Week: Dabney Coleman

Enter the warmth of the limitless void, water bearers. It is there that you may see most clearly, unload your defenses and emerge with the support you need to claim your new identity. The past months you've been developing a fresh concept of you, and your life. Gather from the various planes of existence a helping hand-spiritually, physically, emotionally, and creatively, to assist you as you come forward.

Aquarius of the Week: Vince Neil

Turn outwards as opposed to inward, fishes. Let someone else cry a river for a change. Instead of channeling the woe of the world, drink of the fiery light instead, which, as long as you are willing, will replenish your feelings of loss, replacing them with an electrical surge, lifting you upwards from all miserable states into one that is unwritten, but definietly bright and blissfilled.

Pisces of the Week: Glenn Close