Week of October 25, 2010

You don't have to pretend you want anything less than you totally do, rams. Nor do you have to dumb it down to make those less aware feel more comfortable. Don't hold back your style either, threatening in its coolness as it is. Don't sweat all that-not this week.

Aries of the Week: copyright

The full moon in your sign will re-establish you bulls as the big boss again. (Phew.) But it will also open up a whole new can of exciting and mysterious worms, which I mention not to spoil the party but to liven it up. You're the type that revels in the thickness of such challenge. For you, it's pure fun.

Taurus of the Week: Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show

Try not to beat any dead horses to death, twins. Let the old skin fall off to reveal the sparkling new layer that is beneath. Any time you have the urge to continue down the same old path, do an about face. In time you'll realize that you are turning towards a vital resource, an inspiring view, a shockingly cool alternative reality.

Gemini of the Week: Louise Erdrich

Conjure a new attitude, crabs. It's "high" time you changed clothes/ switched paradigms/ spiced up your agenda. Utilize the power of your ally, the Scorpio, whose season of change we begin to enter this week.

Cancer of the Week: Tobey Maguire

Politely, but precisely, you lions shall be set "straight". Gently, but firmly, your angst will be laid to rest for good. Such partnership, guidance, caretaking, and friendship is exactly what type of support you've been praying through the night for, right? Well even if you dont remember asking, I advise you to take the strong hand. It will provide direction, which will at the least save you much needed time and precious energy.

Leo of the Week: Roberto Clemente

Changes will seem "sudden" this week, virg. Divets in the road will appear deep and wide. If you were looking at it from another, less immediate point of view, it may not seem so anomalous to the journey you've been on for a while now. In other words, the twists and turns would seem an obvious result of how hard you've been working to forge an entirely new, magical pathway to the stars and beyond.

Virgo of the Week: Bridie Gallagher

If you find yourself in an overly tight corner this week, just relax. When faced with high pressure or mega- tension, go limp. It's likely just the universe trying to pull you close, whisper in your ear, make you feel what you may be trying to avoid, remind you of what is what while you "hurt so good." Embrace the opportunity.

Libra of the Week: "Ghost in the Machine"

Be natural. You won't need to force anything this week, scorp. Fortune is at your fingertips, poised to assist in a totally magical rebirthday season. Just step back enough to let it happen. Notice how uniquely bright, bold, and buoyant is your personal firework display this year. Either it's celebrating what you've already accomplished or what you are about to...So CHEERS!

Scorpio of the Week: Rachel McAdams

To hear what's actually being said, you'll have to listen extra closely, archers. Before you speak, give the floor to someone you respect, admire, and consider worthy of your earspace to share their individual sentiments. That's how you shall experience enlightenment, remove yourself from whatever sticky bind you've been in, and proceed to a more gloriouser (but constant) brand of living.

Sagitarius of the Week: Illinois

Make up your moves as you go, goats, adjusting your position to either : make contact with your preferred partner(s) or avoid those obstacles which stand in your way. Dance with/around/into various scenes, depending on who is present and how you intend to move forward. Now is a good time to make that absolutely clear, firstly with every little move you make.

Capricorn of the Week: Queen Emma of Hawaii

It isn't WHAT you wear, water bearers, so much as HOW you wear it. Similarly, it's not what you say, but the way in which you put it across. Consider the power of such dynamics this week, before you attempt to convey your point. Don't under-estimate the effectiveness of even the delicatest sentiment, which if handled properly may succeed in communicating its true grandness.

Aquarius of the Week: Betty Friedan

Tap into your most creative rhythm this week, fishes. You are ready to "go there", according to the astrological omens. Make no more excuses for either yourself or others. Rock and roll into the ether, your street, the hearts and minds of others etc etc.

Pisces of the Week: Roger Daltry