Week of October 17, 2010

Whats the MOST rebellious thing you can do? HINT: It goes along the lines of making peace in times of war, as opposed to causing trouble to make a point. Though the former is less exciting, it's also more effective. The latter, while satisfying the immediate need, eventually leads to what the first suggestion successfully avoids...EXHAUSTION/ EXASPERATION/MALFUNCTION.

Aries of the Week: Kristen Stewart

This week a stray cat loomed at my window. The week before that mice were seeking shelter in my lap, and butterflies were resting in my hair. The wild ones dig me, just like they do you. So don't be surprised if a certain savage creature(s) should seek your refuge. Admit that you're getting as much out of it as they are, after all.

Taurus of the Week: Danny Wood

The universe is well aware of what you can do all on your own. In most arenas you are extraordinarily self sufficient. This week, however, the greater powers will make it a point to remind you that even still, you do have (specific) needs, certain of which are necessary to acknowledge at this time, in order to preserve your health and vastly improve your life.

Gemini of the Week: contraception is legalized in the US

Yo crabs! How must it feel to hear your own voice so clearly again, to be in touch with that uninterrupted rhythm? After you bliss out for a while, recall the precise the factors which helped to re-foster your sense of self. Repeat such methods verbatim as often as required to maintain personal clarity.

Cancer of the Week: Harold Bloom

You'll actually have to do more than just lightly tap on the door that you wish to enter, lions. Chances are that it won't open so easily (which is just one of the reasons you should accept the challenge). Getting "in" will be better accomplished if you're sweet, simple and to the point. Express your passion without expectation, owning your desire, yet not demanding it.

Leo of the Week: Audrey Tatou

Heads up, virg. All natural disasters are just blessings in disguise. To discover that, of course, you'll have to remain patient and optimistic, at the same time, equally enduring as you are hopeful,letting events unravel their eventual truth, which varies entirely from what at first seems to be "happening."

Virgo of the Week: scotch tape

As you conduct affairs this week, don't forget what party you represent. Lobby for their interests, scales, using what brain power you have to mentally rise above inconsistencies and injustices, while relying on the strength of your pounding heart to push your agenda.

Libra of the Week: 1st US Congress

Gifts will arrive in strange and surprising packaging this week, scorp. However once you undress them, you'll notice that what's inside is in fact precisely what both you AND the doctor ordered. Judge not the ways in which such divine aid arrives, and more importantly, do your best to receive its contents graciously and without reserve.

Scorpio of the Week: Maria Shriver

Build your own house, archers, even if it ends up being brick-by-brick. Sacrifice speed and quantity for quality and authenticity. It's not like that's something you don't already know. It's a slogan you usually live by, but it's just an excellent time to remind you this week.

Sagitarius of the Week: Bobby Flay

This week I used rock music to pump the vibe. It seemed like Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and the White Stripes, among others, were all too happy to faciliate such movement. I suggest you do the same this week, goats, utilizing your secretest resources to get the ball rolling. They're as guaranteed to be immediately at your personal service.

Capricorn of the Week: Penelope Ann Miller

You have done it before, water bearers. Turning molehills into staggeringly beautiful mountains is your forte. Trust your knack for wielding sensation. Let your natural talent shine as brightly as that which you create this week.

Aquarius of the Week: W. Somerset Maughm

You'll probably enter a time warp of some sort this week, fishes. Assume there must be a reason for that before you make plans to escape. Perhaps you are meant to face a certain obstacle which originates in a previous time, recover energy you may have left behind or look again at some key detail you could have missed. No matter what, going retro temporarily is likely essential to moving forward more definitely.

Pisces of the Week: Solomon Burke