Week of October 8, 2010

This week will be charged with inspiration, rams. Therefore my best advice is to let it take hold of you, respond to the call of the wild and the wily, jump at the chance to participate in creative frenzy, impromptu gallavanting and riotous celebrating. All/any such indulging will contribute/lead to the overall masterpiecing of your life and times.

Aries of the Week: Venus de Milo

This would be an ideal time to seek maximum and preferred support, bulls. Considering how challenging that may be for a sign as famously independent as you, try to first visualize the difference. With a true/intelligent partner who has their eye as neatly fastened on the ball as you do, you can close yours for a while and still amass the same type/size fortune. Therefore it might be worth it to co-captain. Venus de Milo

Taurus of the Week: Merceds-Benz

Just do whatever is necessary to retain your point of view this week, twins, stepping as far out of the immediate action as necessary to preserve clarity, peace of mind, and/or self respect. You've traveled for too long and seen through enough obstacles to give in now. Stay on your feet this week, using your agility as a form of security, i.e. method of sustained awareness.

Gemini of the Week: Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Heart s Club Band

Just sit back and enjoy the ride/rise crabs. Don't pick up anyones load, provide any extra of your time and favors, or take on chores (big or small) that are not your own. Volunteer not to lead the crusade for someone else's personal triumph. Not this week, darling. Take a vacation, alright? Sip on cool drinks in the shade instead, letting folks use up their own energy for a healthy change.

Cancer of the Week: sliced bread

When babies are first born, they make the same movements they made for nine months in the womb for the first couple weeks of their life. Perhaps they still havent quite grasped the change that has taken place, or maybe they prefer to be fish for as long as possible, reminiscing over the time they spent in reverie, daily swimming. Either way, cats, take the newborn cue. Repeat the behavior from a time where you felt most free to be you, most unconditionally supported, and least self conscious to assert your being.

Leo of the Week: John Scopes

Chances are that if you plant an orange tree, it wil yield you such fruit. Similarly, what energy seeds we place into the world eventually fructify…That's the simple mathematics of the universe. Remember that basic equation as you both give and get this week virg. Be ever conscious of what energy you are cultivating. Also, consider the outcome for what it is-an obvious conclusion to the story which has been telling itself all along.

Virgo of the Week: Shirley Manson

Fuse passion with tradition this week SCALES, blending the old world with the present one. Begin to introduce your hybrid, making clear what you intend to leave out and why. Reveal what you plan to replace certain tattered ideas with, highlighting what new and unusual strengths you offer instead. Give a discourse on the finished product, and why exactly it can be considered an all around improvement. (Don't forget to mention that it's more efficient AS WELL AS more enjoyable).

Libra of the Week: Paul Simon

You are hereby challenged, scorp, to: maintain your vision while staying relaxed, pursue the highest call but with a flexibility of heart, be forthcoming and alert while also rolling with the punches. You've been training for months or maybe even years to be able to pull such a thing off. Test out your skills. I predict you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Scorpio of the Week: Dwight Yoakam

It's in the spirit of magic to insert itself at the times when we actually need it most. That's because it's within the personality of cosmic energy to be not only uplifting and exhilirating but also down to earth, practical minded and useful. Therefore you can expect to receive a rambunctious but perfectly timed bundle of assistance this week, archers.

Sagitarius of the Week: Chris Robinson

Let's conduct an experiment this week, goats. Let's see what would happen if you replaced all the time you spend being concerned with being swift. How would things be different if, instead of catering to the wishes of those you love, you took over? In other words, rather than constantly holding their hand, leading it to the field beyond, which you just so happen to know the way to so perfectly well.

Capricorn of the Week: Arroyo Seco Parkway

Let go the battles you are too tired to fight, water bearers. Trust that the universe will find another warrior to stand in your place. The crusade you've invested so much of your time and energy in stands no more to gain from your willing heart. I just thought I'd make that clear so that you can spend your moments doing something "else", i.e. what your are more deeply desiring to.

Aquarius of the Week: Alan Alda

Mull it over, fish, only in a new way. Consider all the facets, but while standing on your head. Maybe not literally but I advise you to do whatever is necessary to see things you typically wouldn't, details as well as nuance that can only be detected if/when you step outside of your comfort zone. Thats an effective way to re-train your senses to listen for only the most essential cue.

Pisces of the Week: Rudolf Diesel