Week of October 1, 2010

What would you do for all the tea in China? What price would you pay to meet your tallest desires? What arrangements would you make to obtain your ideals? What risks would you be willing to take exactly? Ponder the tools you will need to construct your dreams as well as how/where/from whom you will go about obtaining such vital resources.

Aries of the Week: Raphael

You are what you decide to become, bulls. Reinvent self as often as you are so inclined this week then. Concoct a new attitude, style, costume or custom when-soever you are moved to do so. Examine the reasons behind your choices later, once the new look(s) have fully revealed themselves.

Taurus of the Week: Brian Eno

Be not paralyzed, twins. Speak, though you are unsure of what to say. Make an offering depsite the uncertainty of how it will be received. Maintain less distance, leaning in closer than usual. Leap into the warmth of overbearing flames. Slide into the messy mud. Be cornered by a wild and sturdy love, even if it ruins your best outfit in the process.

Gemini of the Week: Arkansas

Try things free form this week crabs. Let your style rip, unencumbered by expectation, inner or outer. Let not dogma stand in the way of your pure, impromptu expression. Have no specific plan, other than pursuing your naturalest impulses.

Cancer of the Week: "Giselle"

Let your gut be your guide. Don't act any less concerned than you are. Show as much love as you feel. With-hold not your sentiment, for the sake of anyone/thing. With your soul in charge, you can't go wrong this week. It'd be impossible.

Leo of the Week: Kurtis Blow

My favorite radio station, KEXP, also known as John in the Morning, an indie program based out of Seattle, provides a link that lists all of the songs played on the show. I wish there were something similar set up which let us review all the hits you spin out in a day, virg. Your moves are just too hot, fresh, and classic to forget. Rather, I'd prefer them to replay them in my mind throughout the day.

Virgo of the Week: Bruce Palmer

Try not to seek the causes this week. Take a break from making conclusions. That will leave more time and energy to invest in taking full ownership over your life. The less you search for meaning, the more you shall find it, right there in the palm of your magical hand/head.

Libra of the Week: Noah Webster

The middle ground can enhance and improve your life this week, scorp. Taking the path of neither extreme, but rather bobbing in the midst of the two "sides" will not only eliminate the dangers of polarity but will also permit you to take advantage of the best of both. Let the opposites balance one another, revealing the value of EACH in the process.

Scorpio of the Week: DON GIOVANNI

Say goodbye so that you can say hello, archers. Every time you close a certain door, another shall open. This week's life train will be cruising at swift speeds. Hooray! That's the type of swift ride you've been waiting for. Jump on, then, O adventurous one...

Sagitarius of the Week: Jakob Dylan

Learn when/where your attachments are necessary and in what ways they are limiting, goats. When is a deeper level of involvement effective and when does it stand in the way of forward motion? Consider the areas where more detachment may be required to meet your goals, though you may be unaccostomed to trusting the tactic.

Capricorn of the Week: Guiness

You've got to believe in you, even when no one else does, water bearer. You'll have to trust your ideas even if you're alone in what you think. Believe your eyes, even if no one sees what you do. Follow the rhythm that you feel, no matter who else catches its beat.

Aquarius of the Week: George Balanchine

The worthwhile games aren't played for fame, glory, money, or vanity, FISH. True fortune comes when you do what you love, believe in, are genuinely inspired by, etc. etc. You may choose when/where to compete, based on the reason behind it. Trust your most sensitive side.

Pisces of the Week: the first town meeting, BOSTON MA